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Indie comics news: an "Andre the Giant" comic and Warren Ellis' "Trees"

Another hit by First Second enters the ring...
Comic Book Resources

Box Brown and "First Second" to launch an Andre the Giant graphic autobiography!

The world of professional wrestling and comic books seemed to be linked long before 1962's "Amazing Fantasy #15", not to mention no end of comic books featuring WWF, WWE, and WCW figures throughout the 90's. Now, graphic novel publisher "First Second" is set to release "Andre the Giant: Live and Legend" which is written and drawn by Box Brown, later this month. Comic Book Resources had an interview with Brown in which he states how much exhaustive research he did to create this work. This not only meant channeling his own love for professional wrestling, but interviews with Andre's peers at the time and other exhaustive search into how Andre was a lynch pin of the rise in popularity of the "sport" in U.S. and perhaps even world history.

For those not in the know, "Andre the Giant" (born Andre Rene Roussimoff) was a huge French wrestler whose career from 1973-1992 covered the span of independent circuits and the rise of World Wrestling Federation as a pop culture franchise as well as their near monopoly of professional wrestling in the U.S. Gigantism was the source of his great size, and he unfortunately died of complications from related ailments in 1993. He also performed as an actor across TV and film, best known as Fezzik in the cult hit, "The Princess Bride", in 1987. "First Second" has quickly arisen as a place which offers quality comics for fans of all ages and genres, such as previous stories such as "Broxo" and "Battling Boy", and their booth every year at the "New York Comic Con" is often a great place to visit.

Ellis & Howard bring "Trees" to Image!

Warren Ellis, best known for "Transmetropolitan", "The Authority", "Iron Man" and "Planetary", is teaming with artist Jason Howard to kick off a new creator owned series at Image Comics later this month. It's called "Trees" and explores a very low key alien invasion. Specifically, alien plants (or "trees") who successfully dig their roots into Earth but don't seem to want to conquer the planet or oppress anyone, but simply wish No specific characters were discussed, but the premise alone may entice fans to give it a shot as a part of the long term Renaissance which has arisen at Image Comics over the past few years.

Magnetic Press teams up with ComiXology!

Another week, another mention of ComiXology in comic book news. New publishing label Magnetic Press becomes the first digital comic publisher to make an exclusive deal with ComiXology following the announcement of their impending purchase by Amazon. In celebration of this union, the first chapters of Magnetic Press graphic novels "Naja" and "Super-Ego", have been released exclusively via ComiXology. Magnetic Press is a new "cloud" based publisher which seeks to help creator owned series get distributed and released in English language markets. Considering the global reach of ComiXology, such a union seems to be a natural fit.

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