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Indie Comics news: 12th "Doctor Who" comic, "Rat Queens" comic and Bionic Woman

Fire up the TARDIS!
Titan Comics

Titan Comics kicks off a "Doctor Who" comic for doctor #12!

As revealed back in January and March, U.K. based Titan Comics have attained a dynamite comic book license from IDW; access to the "Doctor Who" franchise. What began as a cult sci-fi series in Britain has become a worldwide sensation, even across the pond in America. As fans of the series know, each era of the "Doctor Who" series is marked by the latest actor (or "regeneration") to portray the shape changing, time traveling adventurer. It was previously announced that comics featuring the 10th and 11th doctors next month.

Now, Titan have revealed another "Doctor Who" comic for October. "Doctor Who: the Twelfth Doctor", which featuring the upcoming version starring Peter Capaldi, will be written by Robbie Morrison ("The Authority", "2000 A.D.", "Drowntown") and drawn by Dave Taylor ("Batman: Death by Design"). As with most new comics, the first issue offers six variant covers. While previous "Doctor Who" comics seek to capitalize on beloved recent eras, this will be the first running alongside a current era on the air.

"Bionic Woman: Season 4" comes to Dynamite!

Lest one assume that all of Dynamite Entertainment's comic book licenses consist of pulp era franchises such as "Warlord of Mars", "Green Hornet" or "The Shadow", they also have access to franchises from the funky 1970's as well. Seeing the success of comics which serve as canonical "seasons" with Dark Horse's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and DC Comics' "Smallville", Dynamite is now entering the action. Hot on the heels of "The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six" will be "The Bionic Woman: Season 4" in September. Written by Brandon T. Jerwa and illustrated by David T. Cabrera, the first issue will feature a cover by Sean Chen. The comic will follow the continued adventures of Jaime Summers, who was portrayed on TV by Lindsay Wagner.

"Rat Queens" to get animated adaptation!

According to Hollywood bible site Variety, "Heavy Metal" is teaming up with Pukeko Pictures to make an animated adaptation of the recent Image Comics series, "Rat Queens". Created by Kurtis Weibe and Roc Upchurch, the series follows four unlikely heroines - Hannah the elf, Violet the dwarf, Dee the cleric and Betty the thief - as they go about on drinking binges and adventures in a sword and sorcery setting. The series is being pitched as a half hour animated TV series being pitched to various networks. In the past, both MTV and HBO proved receptive to animated series based on Image Comics properties - airing cartoons based on "The Maxx" and "Spawn" in the 1990's. Fox is currently airing an animated adaptation of "Axe Cop", a webcomic whose print adventures are being published by Dark Horse Comics.

This is the second Image Comic series by Kurtis Weibe being produced to animation with involvement by "Heavy Metal". His other series, "Peter Panzerfaust" (which follows Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in WWII) is being adapted to animation by BBC Worldwide. "Heavy Metal" was a magazine published by "TMNT" co creator Kevin Eastman since 1991, but was purchased in January by David Boxenbaum (a music expert) and Jeff Kurlitz (a film producer). The pair have since remade the company into a multimedia entertainment platform. After no end of cartoons based on Marvel or DC Comics properties over the years, it is always good to see more unique franchises break some ground into the imaginative medium.

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