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Indie Book Spotlight: The Rabid by J.V. Roberts

The Rabid by J.V. Roberts
J.V. Roberts

The Rabid by J.V. Roberts

The End is Here.

As a mysterious virus begins turning people into violent, flesh starved monsters. Timmy Two-Step scrambles to save his sister from a world gone mad. Once reunited with their mother their journey for survival truly begins. A journey that will take them across a terrifying apocalyptic landscape filled with mindless Rabid, diabolical religious zealots, and militias with itchy trigger fingers, all while searching for food, shelter, and above all else, answers.

But on the road to survival how far is too far?

About the Author:

J.V. Roberts is a freelance writer and former Dallas film critic. The Rabid is his first novel. The sequel is scheduled to be released in late 2014.

The Rabid is available at

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