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Indie Book Spotlight: TERIAN: Allie’s War, Early Years

TERIAN: Allie’s War, Early Years
JC Andrijeski

TERIAN: Allie’s War, Early Years
He’s a sociopath, brother Quay, so have a care…

Quay joined Seer Containment or “SCARB” while already a member of the Rooks, a secret society of seers working to control humanity. Quay, like all Rooks, puts up a good front by seeming to police his own kind, even as he hunts terrorists with the aim of recruiting them to their own cause––a cause bent on gradually taking control over human civilization to ensure his own race’s survival.

Then, in the midle of a top secret, anti-terrorist mission in Brazil, Quay meets Terian, one of the highest-ranked seers within the Org’s network. When that mission takes a peculiar twist, Quay realizes he’s caught up in something much bigger...something that might just signal the beginning of the end of the world.

Another action-packed prequel in the alternate history, new adult fantasy world of the Allie’s War series.

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As a bonus NEW YORK: ALLIE'S WAR, EARLY YEARS (A prequel in the same series) is FREE at the moment.

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Summary of Allie's War Series:

An urban fantasy new adult romance set in a unique, gritty version of Earth, populated by a second race of psychic beings called Seers, the Allie's War series centers on the relationship of a strong female protagonist, Allie Taylor, and her antihero guide, Dehgoies Revik. The series takes place in a modern version of our world just prior to the apocalypse and a dystopian future, and spans centuries along with the lives of its main characters, the Seers, and the wars they fight with themselves and their human allies and enemies, (appropriate for ages 16 and up - steamy sex scenes in parts!).


In the doorway stood a lean, auburn-haired seer.

His face was one that I vaguely recognized, although I knew for certain I had never met the male seer before in the flesh. I had perhaps seen glimpses of his features inside the network...perhaps even in feeds in the physical world, either black market or those monitored and populated by the humans on their major media channels.

The longer I looked at the youngish seer, however, the more I realized it was the seer’s light that I recognized, not so much his face, although that had a vaguely familiar quality to it, too.

The latter might have been more of an illusion, however.

He looked to be roughly my own age.

The seer had classic features for an Asian seer. High cheekbones. Light-colored but almond-shaped eyes. Sculpted, dark-lipped mouth. Darkish skin, but more olive than red in base. Hair that had been black (if the roots were any indication) before he dyed it that vibrant, if dark red. A well-defined jaw. Lean but muscular body.

The seer was handsome.

More handsome than usual, even for a seer of his obvious pedigree.

More than that, though, his light had a quality to it that I found myself reacting to within seconds. Sparks of heat rose from my own aleimi, as soon as I’d tasted the other man’ out-of-control fire that ignited somewhere in the middle of my chest, exciting parts of my light that I could barely feel at the high end of my upper structures. I felt that heat roll down through the rest of me, skin, flesh and bones, causing physical heart beating harder, my lungs and breath tightening, my throat closing, my skin flushing.

I found it difficult to even look at the other male then.

As a general rule, I tend to prefer males as sexual partners, anyway, which perhaps confused my reading of that light, even before it started interacting with my separation pain.

This brother seer was definitely my type.

I could feel that in the other male’s light, even more than in terms of his overall physicality. That unique and tantalizing flavor in his light drew me like a drug.

Despite the fact that I generally adopted a hands-off policy with any seer in the Org who had the power to hurt me politically––a power that this seer, above all others, I suspected, had in razor-sharp spades––I found myself surreptitiously checking the male seer out, and not in an entirely neutral way. My light had already started to lean towards an even more directed interest

in the other male, well before I’d admitted to myself exactly what I was doing.

I could feel from the light of my pod that I wasn’t the only one.

Checking the new seer out, that is.

Male and female, they all found this new male interesting, albeit in slightly different ways. I had stirrings of jealousy at the realization...I could feel also from the light of my pod that none of them had met Terian in the flesh before, either, apart from Varlan himself.

For I had to be looking at Terian.

Commander of over half of the military pods under the enforcement branches of the Org. Brilliant strategist. Favorite of Galaith. Notorious in his own right...even more so than the man he had supposedly supplanted, after he’d recruited that same seer, once upon a time, from a German jail cell during World War II. For it was rumored that Terian himself had found and flipped the infamous Defector, Dehgoies Revik.

It had to be Terian.

Nothing else could explain what I felt in the other male’s light.

Even as I thought the seer’s name, Varlan’s mind rose in mine.

Have a care, brother, Varlan cautioned softly.

I glanced at him, as casually as I could.

Varlan’s voice grew softer still.

Brother Terian is brilliant, Varlan murmured to my mind. His light is highly unique, as you’ve clearly already surmised. He is charming, well-read, witty, extremely talented in multiple areas, including military strategy, genetics, chemistry, non-dimensional and semi-dimensional construct manipulation, organic machinery, weapons, infiltration, hand-to-hand combat...even fine art, I am told, particularly music and painting. His sight is almost unparalleled within the Org’s network, and I am told he even shows signs of being a true prescient. I am not immune to the pull there, either, brother, I assure you...

I only stared at Varlan, feeling my jaw harden, waiting for the punchline to Varlan’s words. I could feel the hesitation there, in the other male, the decision evolving even then, on how much Varlan would tell me.

Moreover, I already felt how little good it would do, regardless of what the other said.

I felt the sharpness in my own light already, what might have been a bare thread of defensiveness, and fought to pull it back, before the other seer could feel it.

Even as I did, Varlan seemed to make a decision.

His light changed...subtly at first.

The gradual, cumulative effect turned Varlan’s living light mesh-like, impenetrably dense. That cloak fell entirely over my mind in the seconds that followed, and it was as if the old seer whispered his words directly into my ear.

He is a psychopath, Varlan sent simply.

I flinched.

...An incredibly talented one, Varlan added, softer. One who is invaluable to the Org. One who may even lead us one day. But he is a psychopath, brother have a care.

Realizing I was staring at Varlan’s pale, violet-tinged irises, I jerked my eyes off the older seer, feeling my chest clench.

I didn’t speak, however.

I didn’t say a word.

About the Author

JC Andrijeski has published novels, novellas, serials, graphic novels and short stories, including the new adult fantasy series, Allie’s War, the new adult science fiction series, The Slave Girl Chronicles, and the Gateshifter series, about a shape-shifting alien and a tough-girl PI from Seattle. She also writes nonfiction essays and articles, as well as some erotica. Her short works have been featured in anthologies, online literary, art and fiction magazines as well as print venues such as NY Press newspaper and holistic health magazines. To learn more about JC and her writing, please visit

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