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Indie Book Spotlight: Sometimes We Ran: A Story from the Zombie Apocalypse

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Sometimes We Ran: A Story from the Zombie Apocalypse by Stephen Drivick

"Our hero had it all: A great job, a beautiful wife, and even a nice car. As he approached middle age, all the comforts of a fantastic life were within reach. Then the zombies came, destroyed the world, and it all disappeared in a flash.

Now he walks in a shattered world filled with hungry undead, dead towns, and desperate survivors. He is low on supplies, running out of time, and with slim hope of long-term survival. His long walk to escape the dead is slowly becoming a death march.

Then one day, he meets another survivor. A young, starving former college co-ed walking the other way.

This is their story."

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Author Bio:

Bio: I was always an avid reader. A couple of years ago I started fooling around with tablets and smartphones and my consumption of books started to skyrocket!

For some reason, I gravitated to dystopian and post-apocalyptic writing. Strangely, I found reading about the end of the world interesting. I guess it all started with "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy-easily the toughest novel I had read up to that time. Somewhere between reading it and other books about the apocalypse, "Sometimes We Ran" was born.

I currently reside in Woodstock in the great state of Georgia. I have been working for the last ten years as a CAD operator drawing permits and mapping utilities. When I'm not working, (or trying to write coherent sentences) you can find me taking care of my two aging Pontiac Firebirds.