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Indie Book Spotlight: Signs of Life: Jessie's Game Book 1 by Saul Tanpepper

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Signs of Life: Jessie's Game Book 1 by Saul Tanpepper

Someone is trying to hack Jessie Daniels’s brain implant. The prime suspect? Micah Sandervol, a fellow gamer-turned-betrayer. Problem is, he’s already dead— or he’s supposed to be. Dead and reanimated. Jessie thinks he might not be after all.

For Jessie, a traumatized survivor of a reckless break-in to Long Island’s Gameland, a VR arcade populated with Undead avatars, survival means taking it one day at a time. Her best friend now roams the island as one of the soulless, people close to Jessie are disappearing, and her own husband is keeping secrets from her. Control lapses are occurring with greater frequency. It’s only a matter of time before the implant network, meant to protect them, becomes their greatest vulnerability.

Jessie’s Game: Signs of Life is a 120,000 word novel from the world of GAMELAND.

For ages 16 and older. Available in digital at all major ebook stores. Out in paperback January 7, 2014.

About the Author:

Saul writes in several speculative fiction genres, including horror, cyberpunk, biopunk, and straight science fiction. A former Army medic and trauma specialist, he earned a PhD in molecular biology and genetics. He now writes full time from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit him at