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Indie Book Spotlight: Fiammetta's Dream (Book 2 of the Villa Paradiso series)

Fiammetta's Dream (Book 2 of the Villa Paradiso series) by Ted Atoka

Fiammetta's Dream (Book 2 of the Villa Paradiso series) by Ted Atoka
Ted Atoka

Two widows enlist the help of four college grads and build a state-of-the-art retirement facility. They soon discover that life amid a collection of retirees is not only fun but a daily challenge. In this, the second book of the Villa Paradiso series, the incidents that arise include: a denture disaster, an erotic piece of art, a faulty elevator, a hungry mule, a marching band, a battle with hammers, an act of piracy, a suspected pregnancy, an accident with a bull, and a myriad of smaller calamities. Add a bit of romance and a continuous struggle with an unscrupulous attorney to this mixture, and you're in for a hilarious ride.

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Author bio:

Ted Atoka retired from the world of business in 2001 and now concentrates his efforts on writing. He spends most of his daylight hours working at his word piano, writing about situations he's familiar with (although some might think they're manufactured). When away from his keyboard, he's usually found caring for a parcel of land that he and "Wifey" refer to as "Paradise."

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In between working on books for the Villa Paradiso series and writing collections of short stories, Ted enjoys posting material in his blog: Ted Atoka, Writer from the side of a dirt road (

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