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Indie Book Spotlight: Bittersweet Farm 1: Mounted by Barbara Morgenroth

Bittersweet Farm 1: Mounted by Barbara Morgenroth
Barbara Morgenroth

Bittersweet Farm 1: Mounted by Barbara Morgenroth

When a handsome new trainer arrives at Bittersweet Farm, the competition between half-sisters is no longer limited to the show ring.

Talia Margolin's life has been marked by events completely
beyond her control--her mother's death, her move to her father's horse farm, the
retirement of her show horse.

Now she faces the arrival of a new coach whose job is to get
Talia's half-sister, Greer, qualified for the finals at the National Horse Show.
Greer is brutal on trainers but Lockie Malone is different. Handsome, talented,
and with a will of hardened steel, Lockie can be an immovable object. He also becomes
the agent for change in the lives of everyone at Bittersweet Farm.

For seventeen year old Talia, change has never meant
anything but loss. Will this time be different?

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About the Author

Barbara was born in New York City but now lives at Black Cat Farm.
Envisioning a career as a globe-hopping photojournalist, after college she determined her hop muscles weren't global strength so turned to writing.
No life experience is safe from her keyboard and Barbara has proved that being a magnet for story material may be overstimulating to live through but it's all ultimately research.

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