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Indictment of Dinesh D'Souza 'should send shivers down the spines' of Americans

Former president of King's College and conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza was indicted on Thursday for "violating the federal campaign finance laws," as announced today in a Press Release by the Department of Justice.

Dinesh D'Souza interviews Barack Obama's half brother George for his film, '2016: Obama's America'
The Guardian

The press release stated in part,

"In August 2012, D’SOUZA directed other individuals with whom he was associated to make contributions to the campaign committee for a candidate for the United States Senate (the 'Campaign Committee') that totaled $20,000. D’SOUZA then reimbursed those individuals for the contributions."

D'Souza, who directed the wildly popular documentary, “2016: Obama's America,” tweeted Thursday simply that "Hollywood Reporter reports on my indictment" pointing to this article by Paul Bond.

Bond reported that co-producer of 2016, Gerald Molen, claimed that the charge "is politically motivated."

He said,

"In America, we have a long tradition of not doing what is commonly done in too many other countries - criminalizing dissent through the selective enforcement of the law...In light of the recent events and the way the IRS has been used to stifle dissent, this arrest should send shivers down the spines of all freedom-loving Americans."

Considering that the IRS is now openly targeting the Tea Party in a proposed rule as reported at the Examiner, Molen's comments are sadly not a stretch to believe.

The filmmakers for Dinesh D'Souza's upcoming film, America, said in a statement,

"We believe this is an unfortunate misunderstanding arising out of Dinesh D'Souza's desire to help the uphill campaign of a friend," the statement reads. "There was no intent to do anything illegal or corrupt in any way. This will have no impact on the film America, which will be released on the Fourth of July this year as previously announced. Filming is on schedule and D'Souza will continue to lead the enterprise."

As professor of law at the University of Tennessee Glenn Harlan Reynolds said at USA Today this week,

"The problem with government is that to be trusted, you have to be trustworthy. And the problem with the Obama administration is that, to a greater extent than any since Nixon's, it is not. Do not be surprised if the result is that people mistrust those in authority, and order their lives accordingly."

Perhaps the charge against D'Souza is legitimate, but sadly it reeks of politics. Click on the link to watch a teaser of D'Souza's upcoming film and his speech last year at CPAC.

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