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Indianapolis mom takes Tupperware business to next level online

Lisa Abel, Director in Qualification for Tupperware
Lisa Abel, Director in Qualification for Tupperware
Lisa Abel

When most people think about Tupperware, they think about home parties with food demonstrations. While the home party will always be a staple of Tupperware advertising, one Indianapolis mom has figured out how to use the Internet to expand her Tupperware business. Lisa Abel, a stay-at-home mom, shares a little bit about her experience.

Abel is a Director in Qualification for Tupperware, leading a team of 14 consultants in 6 Indiana counties. They distribute Tupperware by holding parties in homes, providing fundraising opportunities to non-profit organizations, selling product online, and helping existing customers replace or expand their Tupperware collections. Although parties are a great way to introduce the products to customers, Abel uses the Internet in a number of ways to both maintain and build her business.

“I utilize online resources for nearly all of my business interactions,” says Abel. “However, the internet is merely a tool that I use to help connect with customers and track my sales. The majority of my sales come through face to face interactions at Tupperware Parties, just like Mom used to do! But I am pleased to tell you, thanks to technology, that Tupperware has become so much more than it was in the past.”

Abel acquires new customers when they visit the Tupperware homepage and look for a local consultant. Customers can then order online or contact Abel about setting up a party. Abel also uses the same online application to enter the orders that she collects at parties.

In addition, Abel uses the Internet in various ways to communicate with her customers. She uses the online newsletter “Tupper Trends” to keep current customers updated on new products and deals. “Tupper Connect” allows consultants to send e-vites to the home parties as well as collect orders from those who cannot attend. Abel also recently began a Facebook page to connect more with her customers online.

Abel credits the Internet with helping her expand her business, saying that she can “reach customers anytime and any place.” Abel says, “The internet truly helps make home businesses like mine more successful by providing conveniences to my customers they didn’t have ten years ago. My network has also increased exponentially by utilizing the internet. I have customers all over Indiana that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to find or be able to serve.”

If you are interested in the Tupperware business opportunity or Tupperware products, you can contact Abel through her website


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