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Indianapolis in May -- photography tips, tricks and travels to Fountain Square

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By Steve Polston

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When you're in Indianapolis this month for the Indianapolis 500 race, you may find that you have downtime or want to discover new scenery somewhere other than the city's WestSide.

Take your camera to the Fountain Square district to discover re-purposed architecture and old-school boutiques and restaurants, including the Murphy Arts building.

I photographed in the district recently and found that the reflections of the neighborhood are not just seen in the contrast of old and new, but in the windows and doors all along the district's funky commercial beat.

For a unifying element to your photography, you might try taking images from the same vantage point -- low to the ground, for instance -- or look for similar color pairs.

Other districts in the city are fun, but Fountain Square actually includes plenty of on-street parking, municipal parking lots and affordable dining no matter what your budget is. The district thrives all day with residents on foot and bicycle, local craft beer establishments, non-chain restaurants and art and clothing boutiques.

I made the images in this slide show with a medium format camera using color negative film, but digital cameras and cellphone cameras work just as well.

If you're a long-time resident of Indianapolis, you don't need a visit to the city for an excuse to treat yourself like a tourist... just intentionally set out to discover one aspect of a neighborhood, like windows and doors, and then pay attention to how many interesting vestibules and windows you'll find.