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Indianapolis Burlesquers Give Back

Don't miss out on opportunities to enjoy burlesque while supporting a good cause.
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Tonight, members of Bottoms Up Burlesque take the stage, one of many acts contributing their time to the local charity, Creating Hope. As part of a larger group of artists donating their time to the Pink Weekend Event at the Juke Box Live in Franklin, Indiana, Bottoms Up is proud of its contributions to local efforts working to raise money for a good cause. Creating Hope, based out of Fountain Square, works with women currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer by teaching patients the healing techniques of art therapy. Bottoms Up has been in existence since 2004, and during that time has donated 100% of its proceeds to various local breast cancer charities, and has as a part of its mission statement the desire to advocate, educate, and donate to those affected by cancer in our community.

However, Bottoms Up is not the only organization that considers itself a key part of the Indianapolis community and not just a for-profit enterprise aimed at making money for its performers. On Saturday, March 3rd, the ladies of Creme de les Femmes will be a part of the lineup at the 2nd Annual Rivoli Revue, an event that raises money towards the restoration of the Rivoli Theater, an Indianapolis landmark. Part of a stellar lineup that includes local musicians, djs, dancers, and more, participation in these sorts of events does more than just raise money for a specific cause, but also makes the case that burlesque dancers care about the community in which they live. That, as performers, we are a part of the creative fabric of Indianapolis and have something to offer any stage seeking to use the arts as a way to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes. Even Angel Burlesque will be hosting a bake sale at its upcoming Open Bra Night on Monday, February 27th, to raise money for Planned Parenthood.

When asked why she invited the ladies of Bottoms Up to be a part of tonight's Pink Weekend Event, organizer Nickole Wagerman commented that "this event is to celebrate the lives of survivors, many of which have had surgeries that have changed their bodies and sometimes their spirit. Burlesque, to me, is about the liberation of all kinds of women and celebrates their beauty and spirit, in any shape or form." Longtime Bottoms Up Burlesque performer Liz Jackson, aka Anita Cocktail, explains that "to me, philanthropic giving is an opportunity to demonstrate something has meaning to you and is worthy of an investment. We donate our proceeds to locally run charities because we value our community and the relationships we have built within it. Bottoms Up Burlesque wants to not only provide quality entertainment through its performances, but also to enrich the community through its philanthropy."

Those who are involved in Indianapolis's burlesque scene have so many reasons to be proud, from our increasingly visible presence in the national burlesque world, to the amzaing work being done to integrate ourselves into the arts community here at home. However, at the end of the day, it will all be a narcisistic effort without a lasting contribution to the causes we support and a genuine effort to use our art to make this world a better place.

For more information on this weekend's Pink Weekend event, visit!/events/27277134.... For more information on the Rivoli Revue, visit To learn more about Angel Burlesque's Open Bra Night, visit!/events/22026562.... And lastly, to learn about other opportunities to support Bottoms Up Burlesque's efforts to raise money throughout the year through their events, visit, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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