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Indianapolis blogger and social media expert helps businesses grow online presence

Erik Deckers of Professional Blog Service.
Erik Deckers of Professional Blog Service.
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As blogging and social media become more important to all businesses, companies that specialize in helping other companies establish their online presences are emerging. Erik Deckers, VP of Operations at Professional Blog Service, explains how he and the Professional Blog Service team help companies that do not have the time or resources to do it themselves.

Deckers provides ghost blogging services for companies to ensure that they have fresh, high quality content on their websites. Another option is establishing and managing social media profiles for key employees. Professional Blog Service works with both small businesses and large corporations. All of the company’s business is done online from the lead generation to the blogging and social media promotion.

Because his business is all done online, Deckers uses social media extensively. “Since that's our business, we have to stay up on what the big developments are, what the trends are, and of course, how to use the technology,” explains Deckers. “We've been able to use social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as the primary ways we have grown our reputation and let people know who we are and what we do.”

According to Deckers, one of the biggest benefits of having an online business is “the fact that we can work on the business at any time of day, from anywhere. We don't need an office (although we have one inside an Internet service provider's building), we can work over the weekend, and we can fix problems in the middle of the night.” Despite the fact that Professional Blog Service has clients all over the country, much of their business is in Indianapolis. In addition, Deckers takes the opportunity to speak locally about blogging and social media to nonprofit corporations at no cost. He also spends time sharing ideas with others in the industry and participates in sites like Smaller Indiana.

Although social media has grown a great deal in the last year, Deckers sees even more growth over the next 12 months as “people, especially business decision makers, realize that social media is not going away, and that it's going to be one of the easiest, cost effective, and most efficient ways to market their business, communicate with their customers and the media.” You can learn more about Professional Blog Service on their website The website provides not only contact information for the company but also articles about business blogging, ghost writing, social media, and other related topics. You can follow Deckers on Twitter at @edeckers.


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