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I-94 pileup in Indiana: 3 dead, 20 injured - UPDATE: Dead identified

Indiana pile up on I-94 on Jan. 23, 2014
Indiana pile up on I-94 on Jan. 23, 2014
Fox News

I-94 UPDATE: The three persons who died in the I-94 pileup in Indiana on Jan. 23, 2014 have been identified. They are Jerry Dalrymple, a 65-year-old man from the 9100 block of South Bell Street in Chicago; Thomas Wolma, 67, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his wife Marilyn Wolma, 65. Additionally, Dalrymple's dog died in the accident.

An I-94 pileup in Indiana resulted in three deaths on Thursday afternoon in northwestern Indiana. The portion of I-94 where the pileup occurred was subjected to whiteout conditions and ice which made it nearly impossible for drivers to maneuver their vehicles. In the deadly crashes in the I-94 pileup, the number of deaths could be higher before all is totally through, according to Yahoo! News on Thursday.

The pileup occurred at approximately 3:30 p.m. near Michigan City. At the time of the accidents, the snowstorm was heavy. Lake effect show dropped at about 2 inches per hour with visibility on the road being near zero. Reports claim that at least 15 semi-trucks were piled-up with passenger cars stuck in between some of them.

John Sullivan, the LaPorte County Coroner confirmed that at least two persons had lost their lives in the multiple wreckages, and he said that more dead could be found under semitrailers that were being investigated. Other coroners from surrounding counties were asked to help at the scene.

I-94 eastbound was closed as cranes and wreckers were in action to help clean up the pileup of trucks and cars. Reportedly, school buses were brought to the area for people who were stuck there to keep warm. People with minor injuries were taken to a hospital in LaPorte, Indiana. Approximately 20 persons have been reported with major injuries.