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Indiana kids collect shoes for those living overseas

Indiana kids collect shoes for the needy
Indiana kids collect shoes for the needy
√Čole / / CC BY-NC-SA

Everyone needs a pair of shoes to get around. Since we all have shoes just lying around the house, why wouldn't you want to do something nice with them? According to a report made by published on May 17 and updated on May 18, a few kids from Indiana have gone around collecting shoes for the needy. How very cool of them!

According to the report, these kids are from their school student council. They decided to go around and collect shoes from their neighborhood that no one has use for anymore that would be put to good use for the needy.

Kadence Price and his fellow student council members are holding the Soles4Souls Drive for those who are living overseas. Price said he knew they would get a lot but it wasn't easy. As a matter of fact, the drive, Soles4Souls was started 5 weeks ago. Since then, he has collected almost 2,000 pairs of shoes, both kids' shoes and adults. He said it was something he saw the need for.

According to Price, he has been to Haiti and he saw both children and adults working in the streets without wearing shoes. That is when he thought of the idea to hold a drive to help them out. What a change it is to hear about a child thinking of others before thinking of himself.

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