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Indiana Jones Brings the past back to life at the Fort Worth Museum of Science

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has truly won me over with this incredibly interactive exhibit. The exhibit opened March 8th to August 10th, 2014 to a successful reception for both fans of the Indiana Jones movie series as well as fans of history, archaeology and science.

Indiana Jones blows the crowd away at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
Kena Sosa

Each visitor receives their own iPad and set of headphones upon entrance to use for both sound and movie clips throughout the exhibit. The exhibit is also fully bilingual in both posted language and clips that will leave all with an urge for a movie marathon after their visit.

From movie artifacts, posters, and costumes are as vibrant and colorful as they were on screen years ago. Meandering through the exhibit is like being given a pass to wander the actual movie sets. Complimenting the film features are connected displays of archaeological joys like real treasure, pottery, and pictoral writing samples accompanied by informative descriptions of their importance in human development. Ranging from the Nazca Lines in Peru to ancient maps and drawings, Indiana Jones would be proud to be associated with such an exhibit.

Adult prices are $21 and $11 respectively for non-members and members; $17 and $9 for children ages 2 to 12 depending on membership, and finally $19 and $10 for seniors based on membership.

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