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Indiana joins legal challenge of democrats' health care bill

Indiana became the 14th state to join a legal challenge to Obamacare. Attorney General Greg Zoeller said the move was not about partisan politics, he said it was instead about trying to get to the bottom of some serious constitutional questions raised by the bill.

Uncharted Territory
According to Indiana’s radio station of record, WIBC, Zoeller said that the patient pools at the heart of the bill infringe on states’ rights. He also takes issue with the mandate in the bill which requires most Americans to purchase private health insurance, a measure which Zoeller calls “uncharted territory.”

Bad for Indiana

This law will cost Indiana over $2.4 billion in Medicaid increases alone over the next ten years. This is not including the other costs from diverted drug rebate savings, lost jobs and other unintended consequences.

The Only Thing Bipartisan About the Bill is the Opposition to it

While the democrats, in spite of all their back-room deals and vote buying, could not seduce a single House republican to abandon his principles, this lawsuit is a bipartisan movement with democratic Attorney General James Caldwell of Louisiana included in the battle to restore American’s liberty.

Andre Carson is the pot. . .

. . . and he is calling the kettle black. After casting a vote for a bill that relied on lies, anecdotal emotional tales and twisting of legislative rules, Andre Carson called the challenge “political posturing” by Zoeller and Governor Mitch Daniels. Of course, Carson and his fellow democrats were guilty of no political posturing whatsoever over the last 6 months. Certainly not.

Carson is a bonehead who represents one of only two districts in the state which are comfortably liberal. Even though Indianapolis has a republican mayor, Carson can rest assured of his continued existence as an opponent of liberty in the Congress of the United States, even once the liberal gerrymandering that gives morons like Baron Hill a public job is corrected.

Proud to be a Hoosier

This bill hurts more Hoosiers than it helps, and the extra burden on the state will cost us all in the end. Today, Zoeller and Daniels gave us yet another reason to be proud to be Hoosiers.

Other states whose citizenry should be proud are: Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington. All of the aforementioned states are parties in the big legal challenge to the bill. Virginia has issued its own legal challenge.

The Bottom Line

Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the government the right to require that we buy anything. Some uncreative liberals will attempt to compare the health care mandate to things like liability car insurance laws. This argument is incredibly weak and flawed considering first that one only must buy liability insurance as a condition to the privilege of driving whereas the health care mandate requires that we buy insurance as a condition of citizenship. Furthermore, liability insurance is making sure that a driver can afford to cover his liability for damage and injury caused to someone else should he be found liable in the event of an accident. The health care mandate requires that we buy something to protect ourselves.

Other, more desperate attempts by liberals will attempt to compare this to things like home owners’ or flood insurance. These arguments are a good sign that you are talking to an idiot.

In America we have liberty and freedom. That liberty and freedom includes the right to make stupid decisions as long as no one else gets hurt. Not buying health insurance is a gamble, but for a healthy young person, it is a fairly low risk gamble that many people elect to take.

This law will require that you buy heath insurance with your own hard earned money – money that you should have the right to spend how you see fit. Ask yourself, if this is allowed to stand, what comes next? Your imagination could go wild with nightmare scenarios of things the government could require that you buy because they know better than you do. Scenarios that, at one time, seemed so far-fetched that they did not justify the use of the creative energies required to think about them.

At one time, the idea of being forced to buy health care would have been just one of those far-fetched scenarios. So ask yourself again; what is next? Today, what is a crazy vast right wing conspiracy scare-tactic big-brother scenario is tomorrow’s unconstitutional government mandate.

Sweet dreams America.

(Information taken from 93.1 WIBC’s newsroom, Reuters U.S. Edition and CBS4 in south Florida contributed to this story.)

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  • RSBL 4 years ago

    Good article. I disagree with you on other issues, but this one is on target.

    "In America we have liberty and freedom. That liberty and freedom includes the right to make stupid decisions as long as no one else gets hurt."-----Exactly.

    There are some things in this article I cant agree with, but about the healthcare....someone needs to go to jail for it.

    Good night.

  • thedawg 4 years ago

    OH ...I can have so much fun with this....

    I remember the GOP back in the 80's talking about the cost of people not carrying car insurance. See!! we now have mandated vehicle insurance. Now . we have mandated health insurance. Get over it, it happened. I will tell you one thing....We are the ONLY country that does not care for it's people, but by God you better take care of your country...this is a 2 way street.

    RSBL, the only ones that need to go to jail are the previous administration for getting us into this mess we're in now.

  • Indy Conservative Examiner 4 years ago

    @the idiot who thinks they have a cool moniker,
    If you really think that there is an easy parallel between the requirement to have liability coverage and the requirement of buy health insurance, then you are a complete moron.

    Sorry for being so harsh, but really?
    Driving is a privilege, and an uninsured idiot who hits me is going to cost ME money and increase insurance for everyone while they do not pay their fair share (based on their driving ability and record, not their income.)
    Living is not a privilege, and requiring people to buy soothing based solely on the fact that they exist is unconstitutional.
    People have the right to decide not to cover their own tail.

    If they want to spend their money on other things, then they get sick, they are (and should be) the ones who suffer.

    And let me repeat are a moron.

  • thedawg 4 years ago

    and here we go again,,
    quote by you "Driving is a privilege, and an uninsured idiot who hits me is going to cost ME money and increase insurance for everyone while they do not pay their fair share"
    Who do you think pays for it when they go to the hospital and can't pay for it????....We DO

    and another quote by you "People have the right to decide not to cover their own tail." Then why are we mandated on auto insurance. This, under your interpretation, would be deemed unconstitutional as well.

    It is no I that is the moron here.....looks like you need to pull YOUR head out of your own rectal cavity and see the real world.

    and by the way, whats with the name calling? if you can't take the heat....get out of the kitchen...