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Indiana Home Invasions are Increasing at an Alarming Rate-Are you prepared?

There have been countless reports of home invasions in Indiana in the past several months. The majority of the time a home invasion is with the intent to commit a burglary, but let’s not forget the fact that several invasions come with the intent to commit rape, assault and even murder.

Home Invasion
By Brad Harrison

According to the United State Department of Justice latest report:

  • 38 percent of assaults and 60 percent of rapes occur during home invasions.
  • 1 in 5 homes will experience a break in or home invasion. That is extremely scary!
  • According to U.S. statistics there was an average of 3,600,000 annually between 1994 and 2000. I am sure that this amount has increased considerable.

I did a Google search on home invasions in Indiana and the results are shocking! There are numerous home invasions reported with robbery, assault, rape, and murder. We have seen the stories in the news. The question is; what to do if it happens to you?

The Indianapolis Recorder has some great tips on how to protect your family.

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