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Indiana Governor signs bill and kicks Common Core out of state

Indiana becomes first step to ban Common Core  as others protest
Indiana becomes first step to ban Common Core as others protest
photo credit - WND

This week Governor Mike Pence made his state of Indiana the first in the nation to break away from the liberal socialism death grip that Common Core has on students’ education in states. With the stroke of a pen, Gov. Pence sent a message throughout the nation that is was opting out of the national school controversial guidelines, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The governor is insisting that with Senate Bill 91 Indiana has paved the way for other states to take back control of their student’s education regarding what they are taught. With the Obama nationalistic vision of educational standards that in effect nullify local control of education, 45 states have gone on record adopting Common Core Standards.

Opposition to the standards has been raised around the nation by Tea Party organizations as well as other conservative organizations that have come to recognize the paralyzing effect the standards have on children’s education. Yet the tide is turning in favor of the Tea Party state leaders and conservative parents who have been able to witness 200 anti-Common Core bills being introduced in a number of state legislatures across America, reported the Indianapolis Star.

The Arizona Capitol Times has pointed out that there is actually bipartisan opposition mounting which could spell the eventual death knell for Common Core in the near future. New York, which is one of the bluest states of the blue liberal bastions, is seeing growing opposition to Common Core by public teacher unions.

The states that have stood firm in refusing to submit to Common Core’s educational tyranny have been Texas, Alaska, Virginia and Nebraska, according to the Arizona Capitol Times. Now it perhaps is time for parent, conservative groups and Tea Party organizations to actively light the match to the Common Core laws nationwide.

Pence has it right when he insists that, “I believe when we reach the end of this process there are going to be many other states around the county that will take a hard look at the way Indiana has taken a step back, designed our own standards,” according to the Indianapolis Star.

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