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Indiana EMTs deserve specialty plate like other services

Cheating Death
Cheating Death
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The Indiana BMV has added 10 more specialty plates to its list, bringing the total to 99. These plate purchases send funds to designated organizations. The plate prices add an additional 10-40 dollars to the normal price.

For emergency personnel, there are 4 plates; one for county police, one for state police, one for volunteer firefighters, and one for regular firefighters. These men and women place their lives on the line daily. And they deserve the honor. But one group is missing from this recognition.

Emergency Medical Services from around the state are vital to the welfare and well-being of the citizens of Indiana. They range from the dispatcher to the Paramedic. They work for independent companies, fire departments, and hospitals. But they also seem to be overlooked.

The police are known as “The Finest” and the firefighters are known as “The Bravest”. EMTs have been called the forgotten. Very few get the recognition they deserve. They work day in and day out, placing themselves on the line, to save lives. They watch over victims of accident and violence, they care for firefighters on seen, instruct the public in matters of life saving techniques, and stop when no else is around for aid.

The pay varies widely but is miniscule for the function they perform. EMTs that work for private companies make about the same as working at McDonalds or Wal-Mart. And most of the press time given is when an EMT makes a mistake or commits a crime.

EMT week came and went with little fan fair. People in Indiana hear about the Police vs. Firefighters competitions (blood drives, physical competitions, etc.)., but how many have heard of the Governor’s Cup Paramedic competition?

There needs to be the same specialty plate recognition for these lifesavers that the other 2 sections of emergency response have gotten.


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