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Indiana Dropping Common Core Could Be The Beginning of The End

Slavery ending started with a spark. The end of segregation had humble roots. The advancement of the right to vote started with individuals. In every instance, one person, a religious organization, or even one state had to forbid a practice before it ended.

The media had a negative bent on Indiana dropping common core. The problem is they dissected the decision as being a political move, not a sincere effort to reform education. It simply is not true.

Social change and policy change evolve over time. In this case, the high stakes testing that parents have complained about for years has seen it's highest challenge to date. A state finally said, "Enough!"

Critics claim that the new system in Indiana will look a lot like common core. Well, lets analyze their claim. Historically, did any policy change have an impact that was immediate? Did the south immediately change their educational system after Brown v. The Board of Education? The answer is no. In fact, many southern states had the same educational infrastructure for years after Brown v. The Board of Education.

What the media and parents should celebrate is that one state took a stance, and withdrew from a flawed system of educational policy. More will follow. The end of Common Core will follow the same path of Marriage Equality. It took one state, than another and another. The same will happen to Common Core. Hopefully what follows will be common sense, instead of common core.

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