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Indiana lawmakers move to standardize storm warning signals

Indiana lawmakers want to standardize storm warning signals across the state. The state legislature hopes that standardizing storm signals would improve warning time. This move, prompted by tornadoes that hit several Western Indiana and Eastern Illinois in towns in November, is opposed by local officials.

May local officials believe the meaning of the signals should be left in the hands of each county. One Indiana deputy argues that people would not understand what the new signals mean. If people do not know what the warning signals mean people would not react to approaching dangers in time.

Supporters of the measure agree that people will have difficulty with the new system at first. People will eventually adapt to the new signals and lean to react appropriately. The current system does not help people who live in one county but frequently travel to another. A warning in a county where a person works, for example, may not have the same meaning as the same signal in the county where the person lives.

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