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Indian food! Best take-out in Santa Fe


On the way to New Delhi: The drive to Indian take-out in Santa Fe.  Photo by Kristin Carlson.

What I miss most about living in New York City is take-out.  Yes, the city holds its museums, galleries, dance performances, symphony, opera, uncountable bars.  Honestly, we have all that in Santa Fe.  What we lack is a restaurant other than Maria’s which will seat you after 8pm- no, Atomic Grill doesn’t count- or TAKE-OUT.  

In Santa Fe’s quick food genre- not to be confused with that disgusting nemesis fast food- I have eaten the occasional unfortunate Homerun Pizza during days of moving into a new house.  This happened due to complete fatigue and their sole willingness to deliver.  Please understand this pizza costs $28 and is “no big prize,” as a friend of mine puts it.  This also is not true take-out. In fact, it’s not even that quick; it took about an hour to show up.  I could knead my own pizza dough in that time.

Back to the matter at hand:  I’m talking about finding amazing Manhattan kind of take-out, you know, like $10 or less gets entrees huge enough for leftovers the next day outside of completely gorging yourself to bloatation; flavor to the point where you wonder if they put crack in to make you crave it and keep ordering more; not too greasy; mildly friendly staff; clean enough premises when you pick up on your way home from work.  

I have found just such a magnificent place, and I am going to share it with you.  Why?  Because I don’t want them to go out of business.  “Damn, where is this delightful establishment?” you may ask.  And, I’m going to tell you.  It’s in the gas station.

Yes, although it does not bode well to do so in most situations, I can tell you with no hesitation that this is a top gas station at which to dine.  Head southeast toward Pecos (otherwise known as compass direction "Harry’s Roadhouse") on Old Las Vegas Highway, part of the original Route 66. You will soon see a Chevron fill station on the left.  Pass the rows of barred windows, ignore the large liquor department carrying every booze known to man, and walk to the back from whence the spicy smells are emanating.  

You have arrived. Welcome New Delhi Indian Grill.

My personal favorites:
Saag Paneer, Mushroom Mataar, Vegetable Kourma

My husband’s favorites:

Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo, Garlic Naan

What’s good:
Everything.  Really.

What we ate tonight:
Two entrees, rice with green peas, and garlic naan.  Total: $22.02. 
Bill was increased by $4.25 when husband spotted shelves of Sausalito cookies near the lotto tickets.

On your way out:
You can also buy authentic Indian kitchen goods, Snickers icecream bars, or an aerosol can of “Real Great Brand New Car Smell” at the cash register.

Another New Mexico gas station worth stopping for:
If you’re really going out through Pecos, stop at the first gas station located right in front of your face on main street as you reach the town.  It’s the small Shell next to Adelo’s Town and Country.  They have delicious burritos for $3.

What does this have to do with international travel?
It’s Indian food!  Tell me what could be better, let alone more worldly.

Get your fix on Route 66:
New Delhi Indian Grill

The Darjeeling Limited, directed by Wes Anderson
Quirky ironic family drama set in a train crossing India, a movie I like just as much as I like the aforementioned New Delhi Grill itself.

Slumdog Millionaire
The new Oscar winner.

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
Coming-of-age contemporary first-generation Indian-American who doesn’t quite appreciate his heritage or its cuisine (at first).  I would  read it twice, but be warned that it is pretty depressing.

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  • Abq 6 years ago

    Wow! Who would have thought? Thanks- I'm going to check this one out soon!

  • Kristin Carlson, Albuquerque International Travel 6 years ago

    Let me know how you find the food! Thanks for reading.