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Indian cuisine inspired entrees ready in fifteen minutes

Lemon pepper chicken noodle soup and many more recipes can be cooked and served in fifteen minutes.
Lemon pepper chicken noodle soup and many more recipes can be cooked and served in fifteen minutes.
S Biswas

Most people associate Indian food with hours of slogging and sweating in the kitchen chopping vegetables, prepping meats and cooking over a hot stove. Quite a few dishes, do meet the above description, however a lot of Indian food is healthy, quick to prep and ready in a couple of minutes. Here is a list of five food items that can be cooked and served in fifteen to twenty minutes. So pull out those aprons, grab a pan get ready to cook.

1. Rice Pulao: Any kind of pulao or pilaf is quick as it requires minimal prepping. In Indian cuisine rice dishes are often entrees and eaten by themselves instead of being side dishes. Rice pulao cooked either with vegetables or meat can be eaten as a full meal. Check out the recipe for rice pulao with cauliflowers at It can be cooked in a microwave in 17 minutes and in a rice cooker in 25 minutes.

2. Pakoras: Out of ideas for appetizers to go with the evening cocktails? Fry a batch of pakoras or Indian fritters. You can make pakoras out of onion, chilies, zucchini, cauliflowers or even stale bread. Just dip the vegetables or bread in chick pea batter seasoned with salt and some spices and deep fry in canola oil. You can get the recipe for bread pakoras at Time for prepping and cooking is 10 minutes.

3. Lemon pepper noodle soup: This recipe is a personal favorite of mine specially during the flu season. All you need to do is put the ingredients like pasta or noodles, chicken broth, lime leaves, pepper, ginger and cilantro in a soup pot and boil for 10 minutes. You can cut down the time by using store bought chicken noodle soup and just boiling with lime leaves, cilantro, ginger and pepper. The recipe is at

4. Easy chicken curry: This recipe has all the goodness of chicken and curry without the hassle. If you prep and marinate the chicken overnight, it cooks in 15 to 20 minutes. There are fewer spices and the heat level can be adjusted to individual preference. Get the recipe at

5. Mango custard: Expecting guests in 30 minutes and out of ideas for dessert? No need to run to the grocery store for a cake. You can make custard with mangoes or any other seasonal fruits in 10 minutes and cool it in the refrigerator before your guests arrive. All you need is about a quart of milk and some custard powder (vanilla or any other flavor). Cook the powder with the milk till it thickens and pour in a container to cool. Garnish with mangoes or other seasonal fruits (avoid citrus fruits) before serving. For details of the recipe look at

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