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Indian casinos generate profit for the state, and now one is coming to Bay Area

If one of these came to the bay area, it would be much needed and obliged
If one of these came to the bay area, it would be much needed and obliged

For years now indian casinos have been generating millions for the state and billions annually all around the country. Places like Las Vegas and Reno in the state of Nevada are the home of the most well-known casinos, but sometimes the lesser-known ones are the best ones to visit. In sports, sometimes the best talent are the players that come from the minor leagues and work their way up to the majors. In the case of indian casinos, not only are they convenient for people that live away from Nevada and the regular vacationing spots, but they generate just as much money as the ones in Las Vegas.

There are ones like the Barona Ranch, Cache Creek, and Jackson Rancheria that have generated a ton of revenue throughout the years for the state of California. The Bay Area has never really had a good indian casino to call their own, besides maybe the Tachi Palace in Lemoore, which is two hours north of San Jose. That is, until now, because as of this week there is a plan in place to bring an Indian casino to the San Jose Bay Area, Gilroy to be exact. Right now it is just a plan in place, there are no blueprints or any contracts being signed just yet, it is just writing on the wall as of now.

The steps that have to be made are quite complex. Contracts have to be signed, blueprints have to be laid out, and the land trust needs to be agreed upon. The only evidence of the idea being legit is the fact that the land has been picked out and rumors have already been spread. The location will be Juristac Rancho, a 6,500-acre ranch located five miles south of Gilroy. It will provide necessary entertainment for residents of the small country town of Gilroy, as well as other residents of the South Bay.

The idea is long overdue, and last time it was supposed to come to Hollister but plans fell through at the last minute. A lot of people think that it would put small shop owners out of business and would provide too much unwanted publicity to small towns. That is a fair argument, but think about the revenue and source of income it would provide for the small towns as well. Also, how about the tourists coming out to visit, that is also needed. It would put small towns on the map and it is just shows that the minor leagues can sometimes be better than the big leagues. Plus, Juristac Rancho is located on top of a former Indian tribe residence, so that cannot hurt, right? Sounds like a great plan, let us make it happen already, hope it pulls through.