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India Oven's lunch buffet is a step above the rest


Fresh naan, a samosa, curry, saag paneer, and coconut soup.

Anyone who is looking for a great lunchtime destination and is burned out on burgers and fries should head directly to India Oven. They produce a daily lunch buffet for the very reasonable price of $8.95 that is sure to please. It represents a pleasing intersection of taste, quality, quantity, and price.

India Oven completely defies the overly prevalent stereotype against Indian buffets. Admittedly, there are some out there that should be widely avoided for reasons of both quality and personal health. Everyone knows someone who has a story about that time they got sick at the Indian place with the shady buffet line.

This is not at all the case here. The buffet has proven itself to be an excellent lunch fix on countless occasions. There are at any given moment approximately sixteen entrée items, two soups, and a salad/dessert bar. The main items cover most of the classic choices. They serve daal (a sauce and lentil dish), coconut vegetable soup, samosas, saag paneer (a creamy spinach), curry dishes, and several more.

Some of the items are presented in two forms: one with meat and one without. For example, they serve both a lamb masala and a sweet potato masala. In fact, the buffet line is split down the center with all of the items on the left containing meat and those on the right without out it. This provides a splendid amount of diversity. There is tandoori chicken, cauliflower curry, chicken curry, a spicy potato dish, and so forth. This is a place where vegetarians and there meat-eating friends can both be completely satisfied.

Another great thing about this restaurant is the naan. This Indian flat bread is a crucial component to any good Indian meal, as it pares perfectly with all of the wonderful saucy dishes. Good naan can be somewhat difficult to come by. There are plenty of places out there that leave it sitting out at the buffet, but being bread, it does not keep as well as the other buffet items. It is always best when it comes directly out of the oven. That is what India Oven serves. Every customer who sits down for the buffet gets a basket of warm naan brought fresh from the oven, and they will refill it as often as requested.

A variety of wonderfully prepared Indian classics, incredibly friendly and attentive service, fresh naan, and a very comfortable atmosphere are all available for just nine bucks. The buffet runs until 3 p.m. and you can have as much of the delightful offerings as you can eat. This is a great deal. Even those who are unfamiliar with Indian cuisine should go check it out. It is a good opportunity to try many different types of entrees for one low price.

2890 S Colorado Blvd # J
Denver, CO 80222-6626
(303) 756-5866