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India: Fatwa issued declaring the wearing of certain type of hat is sinful

AAP cap.
AAP cap.

"The cap is anti-Islamic and Muslims must not wear it..."

Muslim clerics have issued many a fatwa (religious ruling) throughout the years, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Case in point: the latest edict out of India ruling against Muslims sporting a certain piece of headgear, as reported by the Indian-based news portal The Daily Bhaskar on Jan. 18, 2014.

Questions arose in the sub-continent if it's proper for a politically active Muslim to don the hat popular amongst supporters of the up-and-coming Aam Aadmi Party (translation: The Common Man Party; abbreviated as AAP).

Due to the AAP adopting the image of the traditional Indian whisk broom as their symbol of cleaning-up government, the image of the jhadoo adorns the white cap proudly worn by many of the party faithful.

However, Muslim clerics in the Northeastern Indian city of Varanasi have issued a fatwa declaring the jhadoo festooned chapeau as damnable and quantifiably sinful.

Maulana Haseen Ahmad Habibi, secretary for the Varanasi Board of Muftis stated:

After much discussion, it has been decided the AAP cap is anti-Islamic and Muslims must not wear it.

A broom is used for cleaning garbage. So, sporting its image on the head is anti-Islamic.

In Islam, we bow our head only before the Almighty. We cannot allow Muslims to wear such a cap.

Past examples...

As previously covered by, the chief imam of the King Fahad Mosque at the Royal Saudi Naval Academy, Sheikh Muhammad al-’Arifi recently issued a fatwa allowing women and girls from throughout the Muslim World to travel to Syria in order to surrender up their bodies to anti-regime jihadists to relieve pent-up sexual frustration.

None other than the deceased Iranian Supreme Leader the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa in 1989 against Indian-British novelist Sir Salman Rushdie.

Rushdie had recently penned The Satanic Verses, which ensured a blood money bounty guaranteed to any Muslim who would assassinate Rushdie on grounds of blasphemy against Islam.

Late last year, it was covered that during the reign of Egyptian strongman Mohamed Morsi, a fatwa was issued declaring that due to the Arabic word for "ocean" is masculine, women who swim in the ocean are guilty of adultery, and should be punished as such.

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