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India and Sweden

I just went from the most religious country in the world(India) to the least religious(Sweden). Every driver I saw in India had a little statue on his dashboard, representing dome god. About 80% of that country is Hindu, about 15% is Moslem, and Sikhs, Jainism, Buddhism, and Christianity comprises the other 5%. The apostle Thomas first took the gospel to India, with some conversions before 100 a.d., but it never spread to more than about 1% of the population. One of my distant relatives (Francis Xavier) was a missionary to Goa around 500 years ago, mostly to the unevangelized Portuguese who had colonialized that state of India. Recently someone cut off finger from his embalmed corpse' in order to worship God better. Well, that is at least one individual who was not converted by his efforts!

About 800 years ago, Roman Catholic missionaries brought the gospel to Sweden, teaching that only Jesus was to be worshiped, and not Thor or Odin, etc. The Protestant reformation around 500 years ago for the most part, gave the king the opportunity to steal lands from the church. So although some Swedes accepted Christianity as truth and lived it and repented when they did not, many professed the faith for political or other ulterior motives. Many of the more Godly Swedes developed free churches (free from government support and government appointment of pastors).

Zac Poonan, who pastors in Banglore, India, has 25 books published, and is a world force for historic Christianity. No doubt there are some of that stature in Sweden, but if there are, I am not aware of them. Both India and Sweden have about 1% who attend church weekly. Many in India, as brother Poonan points out, fabricate persuasive reports in order to solicit massive donations from the west, while not a few in Sweden

have abandoned trust in the Bible and the teachings it has. Are we similar? Or do we worship Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth?

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