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Indestructibles Books for babies

Flutter! Fly! Indestructibles Book
Flutter! Fly! Indestructibles Book

Babies love books, but with all of Hawaii's sand and ocean water it's easy to see how a favorite board book might be ruined by the great outdoors (not to mention sharp baby teeth or sticky food). Enter the Indestructibles Books for babies (from $5 and up on Amazon).

These books feature vibrant illustrations with rich visual textures and pictures, perfect for catching baby's attention. There is no text, which allows parents and tiny children to imagine and create stories together. Topics cover farm animals, mothers and babies, animals that fly, and much more.

But the best part may be the design of the book itself: these books cannot be destroyed. The pages are completely waterproof and can be wiped clean--beach sand falls off and water repels away. Even the strongest hands cannot tear the pages apart and no teeth can rip chunks away.  Indestructibles were designed by moms who were concerned over bits of books that ended up in their babies' mouths and their innovative design addresses the curious--and sometimes destructive--nature of little readers.

Indestructibles Books are available from and may be available locally at Borders. Call your local store first for availability.