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Independents can win elections

Independents can win
Independents can win

It is time for, “We the People,” to abandon both parties and realize they serve the same master, (the mega wealthy elite) and not, “We the People.”

Our elections have become nothing more than well orchestrated and well scripted Hollywood productions filmed and directed by the media. They create an illusion that we are choosing the winners when in fact they are predetermined just like a well written script. The media floods our election senses with their candidate and we the sheeple trust our media as opposed to actually having a clue ourselves. Media scripts and creates their darling candidates past and omits any fact of past disqualifying flaws. The media also sets up fall candidates to take many eyes of the ball to create the title of masters of deception.

We must reject the party darlings selected by the elite that own both parties and chose our candidates for ourselves and by ourselves. We need to drop all our stereotype labels like Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, life or choice, black or white and Christian or not. And we need to replace those divisive labels with doing the right things for America and Americans’ We have let our emotions close our minds and divide us on lines far less important than putting America first above our individual egos as our founders taught us by example.

The defeatist argument is a third party candidate pulls votes from one party and skews the election by dividing one party’s votes. This is only true when we are lazy uninformed voters who follow the party herd instead of being informed righteous voters, voting for the best candidate chosen by us not them. Example being Ross Perot having been, “convinced,” to drop out which created a division of one party’s voters. Dividing party voters is the strategy of choice by today’s party leaders and those that influence them. After all it fits the time proven strategy of divide and conquer. The only thing the elite fear is a majority of us Americans’ on the same page because it’s takes the power from them and returns it to us.

What is unique about America is why America rose to be the super power it is and the envy of the world, that is it diversity of it citizenry. We came here from every corner of the earth over a large part of history. Some by choice and some by force but however we got here we overcame our obstacles and worked together to be the exceptional country we once were. Our strength is our diversity and that is what those that wish to destroy us are exploiting to divide us. So many other countries have entire populations of the same ethnic background and religion and remain in perpetual civil war over differing versions of same religion. Even as diverse as we are we get along reasonably well. Disagreements are just part of life and its how we remain patriots at the end of the day that counts.

Bottom line is we, (You and I), own all the issues in our lives, not our representatives or government. It’s the easy way out cop out to blame a President or Congress for that which we allowed our employees/public servants to do. We the People own this country not the government. If it is an exceptional country you want then we need to do each of our parts by being exceptional individual citizens. The country is the reflection of the sum of it citizens. We can choose to be the best on earth and lead the world in every category as we once did or we can go the way of Iraq and kill each other in masses in the name of the same religion. The choice is ours as individuals. We can habitually improve ourselves each day and be positive patriots contributing to the greatness of America or we can let ourselves go and become a liability to our country and witness our transition into an Iraq.

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