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Independent Skier Magazine releases 2015 Ski Buyer’s Guide

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Independent Skier Magazine has recently announced the release of its 2015 Buyer’s Guide. Designed for mobile devices, the Independent Skier Magazine is currently available via the Newsstand for iPad and iPhone. An Android version will be released soon.

There is no charge to download the magazine. Both current as well as back issues can be downloaded for free at:

Created by ski industry veterans Tom Winter and Mark Lesh, the Independent Skier was launched in the winter of 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Independent Skier’s rich media format combines video, audio and words to cover skiing in ways that you may have never seen before. The mobile format allows the content to be delivered directly to the devices that consumers use every day.

The Independent Skier offers a complete guide to the top brands, manufacturers and builders making skis today. The 2015 Ski Buyer’s Guide features more than 80 brands, including the most comprehensive guide to custom ski manufacturers ever published.

“We’re excited to release this information to the skiing public,” said Winter, the editor and co-founder. “The landscape has changed dramatically when it comes to skiing, not only from a performance standpoint but also in regards to the mix of products and choices available to skiers. From stock offerings from traditional brands to custom and semi custom skis, there’s something for everyone.”

In addition to the rich ecosystem of ski manufacturers and custom builders, it’s now possible for skiers to actually work with some brands to personally build their own skis.

“This is a really cool development, that a skier, personally can be in the factory and actually build their own skis, with their own hands. It’s completely new,” Winter said.

“We are really pleased with how the Independent Skier Ski Buyer’s Guide turned out,” co-founder Lesh said. “The ability to ‘click to purchase’ as well as other interactive elements break new ground for skiing publications, and the depth of our brand coverage is unique in skiing media.”

To learn more about the Independent Skier Magazine, visit the magazine’s website at or email Winter at