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Independent projects and websites: cutting out the middle man

The story of the entertainment industry, and the artistic medium that once was based on YouTube and other social media networks, is in a transition period: content creators are being stifled on their advertising revenue by companies like Google, and instead of working within the system and treading water for a consistent, minimal paycheck, are venturing out on their own to make it. is one example of a website stifled by its owners: a great movie review website, with a dedicated fanbase spanning over nine years of constant content and audio and podcasts galore. Korey Coleman, one of the creators of the website, butted heads with, only for Hollywood to shut down the website prematurely on Korey and the other reviewers of the website.However, he started up a kickstarter and is in the making of a new, self-sustaining movie review website as these words trickle across on your screen.

A host of others below are trying to make a living and to express themselves without the safety net of a Google check

Here are a few links to some of the ongoing projects being undertaken by artists and comedians via the Internet and who made their mark on YouTube, as well.

The bigger issue here is not just cutting out the middle man: it's trying to survive in an age where corporate checkbooks are so enticing to cower to, and to survive with one's artistic integrity and authenticity still at the forefront.

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