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Independent music thrives through KDHX's 'Song of the Day' feature

Brooklyn band San Fermin.
Brooklyn band San Fermin.

Yes, to quote the main character of Disney's animated series "Gravity Falls", top 40 songs are in the top 40 for a reason. But sometimes, listening to the same list of forty songs over and over again gets tiresome on the ears. It also does not help that 'Top 40' lists lack variety in genre and are overly populated by safe, danceable songs better suited for the inside of a club or your car during a long commute.

Local Saint Louis music station 88.1 KDHX has the antidote to the 'Top 40' blues and the best thing is, it's free. Their regular feature, called simply the "Song of the Day", introduces the station's listeners to music from all across a widely diverse universe of styles and genres. A good number of them are Saint Louis based artists.

Every weekday, a new song is posted to the KDHX website and is available to listen to via online streaming. Songs can also be downloaded from the website, either via Dropbox or Soundcloud. Visitors can go through the "Song of the Day" archive for songs from the past and discover artists and tracks they might have previously missed.

The great thing about KDHX is that they're pretty much everywhere online. If you're not listening to 88.1 on your radio or through a radio streaming app, you can be watching videos from KDHX on their YouTube page or listening to them on their SoundCloud account. Or perhaps you could be looking at their photography, either on Flickr or Instagram.

And, of course, like everyone else in the universe, KDHX is on Facebook and Twitter, a great way to keep in touch with the station's daily activities. Let's be real: if you still don't know what KDHX is up to, it's probably from lack of trying.

The "Song of the Day" feature has become my daily way to find new music. The music folder on my computer is now filled with audio gems, ranging from jazz and rock to electronica and hip-hop, plus plenty of remixes and covers. So if your iPod has been lacking in great, unheard beats, you will definitely be giving the KDHX website a visit!

In the attached slide show, you can see some of the artists that have been highlighted through the KDHX "Song of the Day" posts.

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