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Independent band Super Bob is making national headlines

Matt Santoro
Matt Santoro
Michele Landon - Redhead LIVE! Music Photography 2014

Several weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to see the band Super Bob at Operation Rock Fest in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The buzz in the Mid-Atlantic area about this band has been loud and I was really looking forward to seeing if the positive talk was true. They only had a half hour set, but it was enough to see these guys are worth the praise they have been receiving.

Super Bob to have a new album release near the end of summer or early fall 2014
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Super Bob is a rock band from the Washington DC area. They formed in 2005 and have produced independently, without a record label, 3 full length albums. The first was "BBBob" released in May of 2008, the second "Rock n Roll" released in April of 2010 and the third "Super Bob" released in August of 2011. They have no label, no investors and as they say “just hard work and dedication” to make it happen. These guys have been busy. While they are constantly touring they have fit in time to finish up their newest album with Matt LaPlant. They are very excited about the music they are working on and "can't wait to release it." Look for a late summer or early fall release!

The band consists of 4 members, each with incredible energy and a visual presence that makes it hard to figure out where to look while they are on stage. Normally you see a band with 1 or 2, maybe even 3 very upfront personalities, but Super Bob has it all. Matt Santoro with vocals, Adam Smith on guitar, Drew Recny on bass and Chris Faircloth on drums make up this talented group. The band has fun with each other (which is critical for me) and they have fun with the crowd which is necessary...and they have fun with the photographers which is a bonus for me!

This is how they describe their band and I find it very accurate, "...our live show is more then overblown hype, it's a fun, energetic, captivating, physical expression of music with an energy and presence beyond words that can be written in a bio...We're a new sound in rock and roll, with an old fashioned rock and roll attitude. We're familiar, yet completely different." I couldn't have put it better. These guys have to be seen to really appreciate who they are and they definitely have a physical expression of music!

They are on the road 20-25 days a month, playing about 250 shows a year for the last three years. They’ve been concentrating on the eastern half of the US, but I fully expect these guys to explode into the national festivals very soon gaining new fans all across the country. They have shared the stage with many great bands including Sick Puppies, Sevendust, Trapt, Yelawolf, Pop Evil, 10 Years, Nonpoint, and many more. When headlining their own shows, they draw huge crowds and other bands are vying to get on the bill with them. Not only do they have the respect of other bands, they have the respect of some great companies that have taken note of Super Bob's hard work, great music, touring schedule and ability to draw big crowds to their shows. They are sponsored by PRS Guitars, Spaun Drum Company, GHS Strings, Sabian, Eartech Music and Drumtacs.

They recently won a nationwide competition, the Battle of the Bands for the X Games 2014 in Austin, Texas. Over 200 bands entered the competition that lasted over 2 months and they made it all the way through 3 rounds to win the 1st place prize of $25,000. Super Bob thanks their fans that really got behind them with the voting and pushing them to the top as the winning band.

Make a point to catch these guys on tour, you are bound to find a city near you. You can thank me later! In the meantime check out the Super Bob website and YouTube page.

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