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Independent Artist Movement

Who doesn't love independent artists? They have the passion. They have the love of music. And they are willing to grind and make things happen for themselves and everyone around them. That's why BLI Media decided to create a countdown show that highlights the best artists for 2013. That's right... countdown shows traditionally highlight mainstream artist who have the backing and support of major record labels, but BLI Media decided to do something different and support artists who use their own resources and dollars to make their dreams a reality.

Top 13 Indie Artists of 2013
BLI Solutions

This countdown show is entitled Top 13 Indie Artists of 2013 and it's hosted by up and coming independent artist IBYB from Fort Worth. The videos highlighted include Hip Hop Gospel rapper Bishop Ridge, Bernstein featuring Adonis Edmond, songstress and actress Angela Blair, Catie Waters, Xtra Fly and so many others who work tirelessly to make their dreams a reality.

This hour long show features the best independent artists of 2013. It was filmed live on location at the Parks Mall in Arlington, TX. Congrats to these independent artists and be sure to look out for more from BLI Media.

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