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Independence Day In The Ukraine

Independence Day In The Ukraine
Independence Day In The Ukraine
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In Kiev the capital of Western Ukraine the soldiers looked sharp. The military hardware was spit and polished. The speeches spoke of how good it felt to be out of the umbrella of its neighbor Russia. President Poroshenko spoke of the struggle with the eastern Ukraine and the long days ahead.

In Eastern Ukraine it was a parade of fools. The rebels marched prisoners down a main street in front if crowds who spit and yelled obscenities at the soldiers. The soldiers looked as if they had been mistreated and possibly tortured. Their uniforms were torn and in shreds. Their heads were clean shaven and beards unkempt. As they marched ahead of two trucks spraying soapy water as to say that once they had walked by the streets were being cleaned of their filth. Let alone of the fact that it goes against the Geneva Convention to parade prisoners of war the citizens if Donetsk are not worth the effort to try and save this country.

Western Ukraine should allow these pieces of puke to go back to Russia. For you see when a country with such a noble past as Russia to continue to act as if they are innocent in this conflict is a joke. Russia simply needs to be allowed to go its own way and be isolated from the rest of the world.

President Poroshenko who is supposed to have talks with Putin should simply cancel the talks as Putin is simply a liar and can never be trusted again. No country should ever have dealings with Russia until Putin is overthrown and tried for war crimes. Everything he has done in this conflict goes against everything that is honorable and good people stand for.

Western Ukraine should simply do one of two things. They should either blow Donetsk off the face of the Earth and imprison the citizens or cut their losses and let Russia have their trash back. Up until now I could have listened to what the rebels said but after their actions yesterday it makes me think that they are nothing more than the scum of the Earth and if Russia wants this scum back then let then have the scum back because Russia is no better. You simply don't mistreat prisoners of war.