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Independence Day solar fireworks support crop circle prediction of July 7 solar storms

sunspot and solar flares on July 3
Sunspot 1024 with solar flares on July 4. Photo: David Tyler

The sun has decided to join in the July 4 U.S. Independence Day celebrations with its own display of spectacular fireworks. A Sunspot Alert has just been issued which supports a crop circle prediction that Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) will hit the Earth on July 7, 2009. The Alert is for Sunspot 1024 which suddenly appeared on July 3 and 4. According to the Alert issued by, Sunspot 1024 has “a dozen individual dark cores and it is crackling with B-class solar flares.” It typically takes CMEs, traveling at around a million miles per hour, three to four days to reach the Earth. So if Sunspot 1024 does generate CMEs towards the Earth, they would arrive right on the predicted date of July 7.

Here is the full Alert as it appeared on July 4:

SUNSPOT ALERT: The most active sunspot of the year so far is emerging in the sun's southern hemisphere: movie. Sunspot 1024 has at least a dozen individual dark cores and it is crackling with B-class solar flares. This morning, amateur astronomer David Tyler caught one of the flares in action from his backyard solar observatory in England [image above]
The magnetic polarity of sunspot 1024 identifies it as a member of new Solar Cycle 24. Its rapid emergence on July 3rd and 4th continues the recent (few-month) trend of intensifying new-cycle activity. This sunspot is the best offering yet from the young solar cycle. Monitoring is encouraged.

Significantly, Solar Cycle 24 has been very quiet and the last observed sunspot was on June 24. So it is a ‘coincidence’ that a sunspot would suddenly appear on U.S. Independence Day that is generating solar flares.

B-Class solar flares are at the lower end of the classification system and any CMEs they send towards the Earth typically have minimal impact due to the Earth’s protective magnetosphere. However, a giant breach in the magnetosphere reported by NASA on December 16, 2008 makes it far easier for solar plasma to enter into the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore the impact of a CMEs generatd by B-Class solar flares passing is unknown.

The crop circle with the CME prediction first appeared at Milk Hill England on June 21 and has evolved over three stages up until June 30 . Researchers interpreting the complex images in the crop circle believe it represents planetary positions on July 6 and 7 as dates when CMEs will hit the Earth.

As to the question of who created the crop circle there is some debate. According to the CMM Group of researchers that interpreted the Milk Hill crop circle as predicting July 7 CMEs hitting the Earth:

No one is talking anymore about "Doug and Dave" or "hoaxers". These are clearly messages from extra-terrestrials, meant for the whole population on Earth. Yet the newspapers and TV channels remain strangely silent. Why is that?

In contrast, pioneering crop circle researcher Colin Andrews recommends caution in reaching any firm conclusion about the creators of Milk Hill being extraterrestrial life. In a private email he wrote:

I think we must continue to be skeptical and real but leave all possibilities open.  Its way too soon to say they have arrived, it would be a terrible disappointment if when the lights come on the microphones go live to that field, we find six or seven straggly young and middle aged men with flattening boards and string, not with an ET message but a human one to get our act together.  I would accept the message either way but if these guys are doing this then I do think we need to have them step forward NOW because the ramification of IF NOT, are great:

If CMEs do hit the Earth on July 7, as the Milk Hill crop circle predicts, that will certainly help answer the question as to whether they are hoaxes or extraterrestrial in origin. Regardless of debate over the ultimate creators of the Milk Hill crop circle, the impact of CMEs hitting the Earth on July 7 will confirm the seriousness that needs to be attached to crop circle research. If crop circles are extraterrestrial messages, they may be giving advance warning of solar events, and how these might impact on the planet in the years leading up to and beyond the peak of Cycle 24 which is around 2012.

Cost of electric grid failure from 2012 solar storms avoidable
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  • Jack Sheppard 5 years ago

    It's getting closer for me to believe in crop circles now.Great posting, has me a little on edge thinking about it.I tend to agree with Colin Andrews, we have to leave all possibilities open.I really hope that no harm comes to this plane as result of a storm striking us.

  • Jack Sheppard 5 years ago

    Must see video
    CROP CIRCLES AND JULY 7TH 2009 (Linda moulton howe)


  • metaw3 5 years ago

    The link for the alert should be:

  • rblewis6 5 years ago

    How will we know if there is a solar storm? What will we experience?

  • peter eichenberger 5 years ago

    March 13, 1989 - The Quebec Blackout Storm - Astronomers were busily tracking "Active Region 5395" on the Sun when suddenly it disgorged a massive cloud of superheated gas on March 10, 1989. Three days later, and seemingly unrelated to the solar paroxicism, people around the world saw a spectacular Northern Lights display. Most newspapers that reported this event considered the spectacular aurora to be the most newsworthy aspect of the storm. Seen as far south as Florida and Cuba, the vast majority of people in the Northern Hemisphere had never seen such a spectacle in recent memory. At 2:45 AM on March 13, electrical ground currents created by the magnetic storm found their way into the power grid of the Hydro-Quebec Power Authority. Giant capacitors tried to regulate these currents but failed within a few seconds as automatic protective systems took them off-line one by one. Suddenly, the entire 9,500 megawatt output from Hydro-Quebec's La Grande Hydroelectric Complex found itself wi

  • peter eichenberger 5 years ago

    In 1989 when I was living in Florida, I was surprised by the Aurora Borealis, visible far south of its normal range. This particular set of solar storm which manifest on an 11 year cycle knocked out the power grid of eastern Quebec.

    Giant capacitors tried to regulate these currents but failed within a few seconds as automatic protective systems took them off-line one by one. Suddenly, the entire 9,500 megawatt output from Hydro-Quebec's La Grande Hydroelectric Complex found itself without proper regulation. Power swings tripped the supply lines from the 2000 megawatt Churchill Falls generation complex, and 18 seconds later, the entire Quebec power grid collapsed. Six million people were affected as they woke to find no electricity to see them through a cold Quebec wintry night. People were trapped in darkened office buildings and elevators, stumbling around to find their way out.

  • Exopolitics 5 years ago

    Please note that ad hominem attacks will be deleted.

    In my opinion the origin of the crop circle will be conclusively determined if the predicted CMEs hit Earth on July 7. Being about to predict when CMEs hit the Earth before any sunspots appear is beyond current human knowledge. It would have to be an ETI that could make such an accurate prediction. The sunspot activity began on July 3/4 just on time for the crop circle prediction to occur. We will see in two days what happens but if there are significant geomagnetic anomalies, then we'll know the prediction has been confirmed.

  • Shol'va 5 years ago

    @Exopolitics (Michael Salla):
    In my most recent post you've deleted, there was NO ad hominem attack, but rather accurate description, how the business works. Censorship simply reveals, you won't, this knowledge propagates.

    Your conclusion, the appearance of a sun-spot were beyound human knowledge and would prove some non-human involvement *IS* faulty logic.
    It were the same, if I claimed I were an alien, and I predict a terrible airplane accident in the next year as a proof for my origin. You can but, such an accident WILL take place, but you have still not a proof about my claimed orign. The logical fallacy is to connect things that don't go together. Remember, sun-spots and plane accidents have an underlying statistics, (like tossing a coin) so any claim, that follows these statistics will become true. Corp-circle makers are famous, they select their motives in a manner, the highest possible controversy is created. So a bit more real science wouldn't create false fears.

  • Exopolitics 5 years ago

    Shol'va, references such as "exopolitical cult leader" are ad hominem attacks and will be deleted. It is acceptable to offer substantive criticisms since that offers the opportunity for informed debate. Do not repost deleted comments as that is a sign that you wish to derail informed debate.

    Regarding your comment "the appearance of a sun-spot were beyound [sic] human knowledge and would prove some non-human involvement *IS* faulty logic." Do not distort what I said. I said that the accurate prediction of CMEs and associated sunspots is beyond current human science. It signifies ETI.

  • Kent McManigal- Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner 5 years ago

    Isn't this a little like predicting alien contact by watching Star Trek? I'm not saying this isn't a prediction of a CME; just that I'll believe it when I see it bring widespread adverse effects of an undeniable nature.

  • Susan Meckel 5 years ago

    Even if certain crop circles are not of human
    origin (and I am personally open to that possibility), they do not necessarily originate in extraterrestrial intelligence,
    assuming that by "ETI" Exopolitics is referring to a body within our physical universe. Such crop circles could also be created by: 1) an unknown, unrecognized intelligence native to earth 2) an intelligence originating in a reality/plane/dimension other than "our" universe 3) a "supernatural" agent (God, angels, or such). (It may be that Exopolitics would recognize alternatives 2 and/or 3 as of ETI origin, however.) I think the "traditional" interpretation of ETI is more likely, but
    the other possibilities cannot be ruled out.
    Moreover, even if a coronal mass ejection
    does occur on 7/7, it could be a matter of
    coincidence, albeit an unlikely one; increasing sunspot activity is overdue. I
    would accept a CME event on 7/7 as [strong] evidence of non-human involvement; but
    naysayers will view it as coincidenc

  • hmnnn 5 years ago

    what should one do during the time the CME impacts the earth on the sunset july 7th? Did anyone ever talk about what we should do then? I mean those who are aware of this things--- the average joe in the street doesn't care about these stuff and all the rest of events leading to dec 21, 2012. Us, who are tracking this--- what should we do? Will we get some kind of a DNA repair, or the kundalini rise or the DMT in the brain activate? This is the first this month and 2 more eclipses is coming within this month. Mhmmmnn, what does this mean? Should we stand up in an open field and receive the vibration? How do you go about doing that?

  • john guilfoyle 5 years ago

    possibilities open perhaps...but am I to understand that this prediction is predicated upon someone's interpretation of a crop circle?
    could this but b sensational journalism?
    attract the eye...short expose'...pure conjecture...
    time will certainly make us aware momentarily...
    must say...typical modern jounalism...lack of depth..more entertainment than investigative jounalism, which seems to have vanished.

  • john guilfoyle 5 years ago

    thanks 4 allowing my comment...I appreciate the kindness.

  • Mark 5 years ago

    Seems kind of odd with all of the surveillance in England that no one's gotten a film of the guys running around with boards trampling over farmer's crops. Heh...

  • albert zabala 5 years ago

    The truth is in here:

  • Adee 5 years ago

    uhm...debunked. looks like crop circles weren't able to predict this so called solar storm. 1024 wasn't strong enough to produce CMEs which would affect earth

  • Spooky 5 years ago

    It's funny that they predict a solar storm to hit on the same day that the movie "Knowing" comes out on DVD.

  • Patrick Burks 5 years ago

    DONT SELL YOUR HOUSE,CAR,THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY. DONT HEAD FOR THE HILLS OR UNDERGROUND AND DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID. Look I think someone maybe some Mormon or Seventh Day Adventist idiot is trying to tie the new movie "Knowing" with the crop circles. I just watched the movie last night and even though I like Sci-Fi, the movie sounded more like a religious movie at the end. Also the movie does not mention anything about the Mayans or Mayan glyphs or 2012. At the end of the movie is EE which means everyone else. Only the kids are saved. Has anyone read the script because I bet you it's either 144,000 who get picked up by the angels or just the 2 kids. That leaves a matrix or new Adam and Eve ending. No mention of chakras protecting those who are left because everyone else dies a fiery gruesome death. I hate the damn ending it sucks.

  • Patrick Burks 5 years ago

    I mean in the movie what was the point of having the Nicolas Cage character seeing the number page, then having him figure out that it meant disaster's than having him in the middle of a few disasters then having him figure out that the numbers meant locations too. Later on in the plot the kid is told what the numbers mean anyway by the whisper people so all this scavenger hunt crap by the Nicholas Cage character was pointless because the whisper people could have told the kid from the very beginning. Then the last scene which sucks because the two kids get chosen and the Nicholas Cage gets left behind and the kids are taken aboard a Ezekial wheel ship and the Nicholas Cage character runs home to be with his family and dies a horrible burning gruesome death. The movie sucks.

  • Carlos Paez 5 years ago

    Tengo 56 años y desde los 20 he visto comentarios sobre esto. Y como todo el mundo yo también me he reído. Sin embargo son muchas las cosas en las cuales coinciden todas aquellas autoridades antiguas de distintas eras y lugares. Todas aquellas "cosas" que se han venido cumpliendo como la del 7 de julio, son avisos para nuestro excepticismo. Me extraña en forma muy especial, que a escasos 540 días de esa fecha (21-12-2012)solo los científicos y personas muy allegadas estén muy interesadas en la exactitud de estas cosas, y sin embargo, los gobiernos y medios de comunicación continuan silenciosos. Solo puedo pensar que ellos están muy asustados y no han encontrado una manera de manejar la situación. Yo creo que entre creer y no creer, es mejor creer. Creer produce milagros.

  • Mark Smilie 5 years ago

    Can we now examine what happened and where in relation to the CME, July 7th, 2009?