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Independence Day fireworks in Augusta Georgia

Augusta Georgia has its moments and so does the weather. On July 4, 2013, Augusta became home to one of the most patriotic displays of 4th of July fireworks in the region. Poised atop the 5th Street Bridge, a crew of fireworks specialist, firefighters, and police officers hurried along the length of the bridge to set-up the spectacular before the rain set in.

Old Glory flies high!
Old Glory flies high!
Jason Clay Pope

Old Glory was brilliantly displayed upon the Augusta Marina flagpole. The wind was blowing cool air among the crowd of gathering people and whipping the flag in a ‘Superman’s Cape’ kind of frenzy.

However, the skies were becoming ominous despite the great temperatures and cool breeze. The crowd was there to see an awesome fireworks display, not a pouring rain.

The possibility of bad weather did not hinder the crowd though. They came! They came in droves; like a mass of zombies at an all-you-can-eat brain buffet!

At 9:30 PM the display fired off in true Independence Day glitz as the rain stayed off to the south. Everyone there was in high spirits as the firestorm of glory lit the heavens.

People cheered. They laughed and sometimes cried uncontrollably as the splendor of the 4th marched on.

As the grand finale approached, so did the rain laden clouds and a few light drops dotted the street and sidewalk wherever people weren’t gathered. The rain was on its way like the late bus.

The finale was in its final stages. However, the deluge had just begun. No fires to worry about now. As the last flicker of luminosity faded, the crowd rushed out of the area. The storm came; just in time to end the festivities in Downtown Augusta.

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