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Independence in 2010

The Flag at the Mackinaw Bridge
The Flag at the Mackinaw Bridge
photography by Jennifer Laura

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."  John 8:36

As July 4th has come this year, many interesting and conflicting views seem to fill the air.  In an era of the Tea Party movement, we have found a consolidated effort of those who look longingly back to the state of our Nation in 1776.  In stark contrast there is a movement of those who look longingly toward socialism and the promise of Government intervention and protection.  These two sects surround a mid-stream mindset that is torn between the promise of liberty and the fear of uncertain economic conditions. It is with great anxiety that many look to the coming elections this year, and the next Presidential contest that will be here in just a couple short years.


If current trends hold up, it seems that there will continue to be a swing toward conservatism and the hopes of less government spending.  If there is a large swing, then in the next few years we will see a trend in the opposite direction.  The continued give and take of liberal versus conservative functions almost as clockwork.  The good news is that the overall population is not comfortable with giving any one party total control.  Each election is treated in the context of current events and the "mushy middle" will sway toward what they think is the most important issue of the day. 

Whatever our current political and social standing is as a Nation, it is temporary.  If you don't believe that, go over the world powers of the last two thousand years.  The Roman Empire is little more than antiques and ruins, (though a thorough study of the book of Revelation shows a time of rebuilding).  Britain, which was a tremendous world power only a few centuries ago, no longer holds such sway.  The Russian empire was crumbled, and Nazi Germany fell.  In truth, it is amazing that America has stood strongly for the past 234 years.  We were, for a time, the Nation that was the protector of all others.  We now find ourselves in a place where that kind of sovereign power is not desirable to the coming generations.  Most seem to crave the ability to blend in with the rest of the world, and thus another great Nation will pass.  The freedom that was fought for so fervently will dissipate into a global community and a new power will rise.  And so, we are left to wonder where true freedom can be found.  The answer is not a place, but a person.   The verse at the top sums it up nicely.

True freedom begins one on one with us and God.  We are made whole and clean by the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus.  Through that freedom, we have the ability to extend the gift of grace to the world around us.  In the 2000 years since Christ was crucified, no Nation has outlasted the promise of that salvation.  And, in truth, none ever will.  We can be freed from pain, anger, addiction, guilt and hatred.  We can be truly free right here and now, regardless of who is in power.  That, in the end, is the only freedom worth having.  The freedom that can survive persecution, imprisonment and even death.  Freedom that can never be taken away.

Whatever decisions you make in politics this year, seek something deeper.  Find peace in a time of great transgression.  We are always just a prayer away from being whole and secure in our creator.  That, friends, is time worth taking.  Be blessed this week as you celebrate the freedom found in our Savior.  Let His love and mercy guide you through turbulent waters.  Please be sure and tune in again later this week as we continue in this great gift called life.  Until then, God bless and keep reading.


  • Judy England 5 years ago

    I agree. Excellent and well written. Welcome back.

  • Jeremy Laura 5 years ago

    Thanks Judy. I appreciate your feedback, and it was good to see you guys yesterday.

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