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Indefinitely Free Wi-fi on London Overground

Tweet from here!
Tweet from here!
Todd Beard

Richard Branson's team has done it again. We found out last month that Virgin Media was offering free Wi-fi to everyone who traveled on London's Underground (see article here).

Although the free service on the Underground will cease after the Paralymic Games, the service will continue on the Overground services indefinitely. It's exciting news for everyone who wants to check their Inbox while the signal failures keep us waiting.

80 Underground stations now have the service - just in time for the Olymic Games. By the end of the year, over 120 tube stations should have the service. Currently, the service will cover 12 Overground stations, with plans to extend to all 56 stations in the near future. For a listing of the stations with hotspots, click here.

There is a 60 minute daily limit to the service, so keep those Facebook comments to a minimum. And next time you see Sir Richard around the City, be sure to thank him.