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Things are looking up on the job front
Things are looking up on the job front
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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- launched its Industry Employment Trends feature in February 2009. On a monthly basis since the launch, Indeed has shown evidence of growth and declines in 12 major industries. This has proven to be a valuable tool for job seekers!

The month of May 2010 proved to be a first for the Industry Employment Trends tool: job posting growth in all 12 industries! While April showed an annual decline in job postings for the Healthcare industry, a month made a difference with a 3% increase. Since May 2009, just one year ago, the Healthcare industry has shown a 37% increase. Within that industry the most searched for job title was Medical Assistant.

Two other industries that have posted gains are Transportation and Hospitality. Three of the top four Transportation job searches included the term "driver."

Take a look at the May 2010 Industry Employment Trends to see the Annual Change for each of the major industries. Heading into the Summer, these trends provide hope for those who are still searching for a job.

Annual Change Per Industry:

Accounting    +19%
Construction    +18%
Education    +16%
Financial Services/Banking    +16%
Healthcare    +3%
Hospitality    +49%
Information Technology    +28%
Manufacturing    +36%
Media/Newspaper    +37%
Real Estate    +14%
Retail    +53%
Transportation    +67%

For more information, visit or click here to see Industry Employment Trends.


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