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Incumbents remain in office on the Douglas County School Board

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Election results came in Tuesday November 5, 2013 at 11 p.m. with all of the incumbent school board winning by a few thousand votes across the board. After months of rigorous campaigning by the parents candidates with painted cars and homemade signs the big money from the Douglas County GOP and the out of town supporters shattered the hopes of the parents, teachers and students in the Douglas County School Board election. Results of that election and other Douglas County board elections follow.

Douglas County School District RE1

School Board Director, District B

  • Jim Geddes 50,058
  • Barbra Chase 45,177

School Board Director, District D

  • Julie A. Keim 45,597
  • Judith Reynolds 49,378

School Board Director, District E

  • Doug Benevento 49,319
  • Bill Hodges 45,704

School Board Director, District G

  • Ronda Scholting 44,162
  • Meghann Silverthorn 50,749

City of Castle Pines

Mayor, City of Castle Pines

  • Jeffrey Huff 1,971
  • Dana Hall 1,905

City Council Ward 1, City of Castle Pines

  • Rex Lucas 45

City Council Ward 2, City of Castle Pines

  • Resa Labossiere 947
  • Michael Graczyk 155

City Council Ward 3, City of Castle Pines

  • Jaime G. Edwards 471
  • Roger Addlesperger 652

City of Castle Pines

Amendment/Proposition/Ballot Question

Yes / No
1,887 / 1,867 City of Castle Pines Ballot Question 2F
1,582 / 2,172 City of Castle Pines Ballot Question 2H
Vote for One City of Castle Pines Ballot Question 2I
2,953 Gregg Fisher

Town of Parker
Yes / No Amendment/Proposition/Ballot Question
5,367 / 6,102 Town of Parker Ballot Question 2J
8,372 / 3,119 Town of Parker Ballot Question 2K
9,181 / 2,407 Town of Parker Ballot Question 2L
5,809 / 5,320 Town of Parker Ballot Question 2M
7,572 / 3,381 Town of Parker Ballot Question 2N

The turnout for this election was tremendous, one of the largest ever for a non-presidential election year. Many teachers in the county have threatened to turn in their resignation if this election didn't put new people at the help along with many parents saying they will opt to open enroll in another school district or move. Only time will tell if "The Reformers" are eventually going to be a positive move as the majority of voters seem to think or if the school district will continue in a downward spiral.

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