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Incumbent watch: Primaries today in Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico

Three states, Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico, hold their primary elections today. For the most part, incumbents will be safe. There are no same-party opponents to incumbents for any of the Congressional races in either Mississippi or New Mexico. Both of those states also have no Senate race this year.

So the state to watch today will be Alabama. Incumbent Senator Richard Shelby (R) does have a primary opponent, but he is expected to win easily. Shelby’s larger challenge will come in November as he most likely faces William Barnes. And that race isn’t shaping up to be much of a challenge either. Rasmussen reports that Shelby leads Barnes in a poll of likely voters by 59% to 32%. Barring some major problem in the general election, Shelby should easily win a fifth term to Congress.

Three of Alabama’s House seats (District 1, District 4, and District 6) are ultimately sure to go Republican in November with no Democrat running. The remaining districts are up for grabs including the seats to two 1st term Congressmen, Bobby Bright (D) and Parker Griffith (R). One particularly interesting race will be in Alabama 7. Incumbent Artur Davis is running for Governor. Four Democrats and four Republicans are all fighting for his seat.

As previously mentioned, all of Mississippi’s Congressional incumbents are safe in the primary with no same-party opposition. Perhaps the most interesting race to watch here will be in District 1 where three Republicans are seeking the nomination including ex-Fox News analyst, activist and author Angela McGlowan.

New Mexico has three seats up for grabs this year, all currently held by first-term Democrats. Each is running unopposed in the primaries.

Please check back here tomorrow for election results!

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