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Incubator turning green technology startups into household names

Green performance measures can go up fast at the EvoNexus product business incubator.
Green performance measures can go up fast at the EvoNexus product business incubator.
Adam Benjamin

Opportunities to put venture green mobile technology into the market make a Qualcomm Labs and EvoNexus partnership a key business investment team in San Diego. Investment money the local LG research labs and Korea's SK Telecom get into the hands of entrepreneurial companies that partiipate in around the corner MarketLine meetings can turn mobile technology into a flash product in the market that lasts the long run.

Startups typically take off at an EvoNexus incubator workshop rented out downtown on Broadway and First Avenue, or, at Executive Square near UTC, after an experimental market ready product gets introduced in its business market, and accepted. The workshop comes at no cost to the business. Qualcomm Labs, Qualcomm's own incubator, talks to the companies EvoNexus enlists in its incubator program, for up to 2 years, and offers seed money, as much as 250,000 dollars, to a company that agrees to use the money to turn its innovative market product into a success.

Enterprise success an incubator company experiences can lead in a market, like 2012's EvoNexu standout, Breadcrumbs, took up an active search location on the Internet path, and, offered San Diegans a shot at finding the local food and dining events of their choice. the search site guides local southwest eaters to carnitas at Super Cocina, a giant fruit bowl in Golden Hills covered with cottage cheese, honey, granola and raisins, called El Pinacate, or, a non-alcoholic Mexican Coke at one os San Diego's Mexican cafes and bars.

Earlier startups continue to make innovative product searches pay off. In February, a market opened at a Barcelona world mobile conference for a carrier grade network extender device an incubator company designed to give mobile device users the high quality connections mobile users increasingly need to receive high quality voice, data, and video signals without a broadband or Internet connection.

Big data analysis products can s0olve LG customer's data use slow downns and pitfalls. The San Diego research and development arm, at MarketLink meetings, will connect top executives from industry giants to the innovative entrepreneurs they can invest in. SK Telecom, at its Sunnyvale, CA meetings, will open opportunities for venture capitalists to invest in power management products.

Qualcomm Labs will do its own investment math. This year, EvoNexus began its incubator signup requests in February. By the end of July, the 2014 group of startups that improve their market success odds by using a free furnished and networked incubator workshop will have taken their places in the San Diego innovation market. One company will get the opportunity to build on an innovative idea using Qualcomm Labs seed money.

The product race in the sustainable green mobile market keeps Qualcomm Labs at work seeding the new companies that drive San Diego development.

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