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Incredibly, California to drastically lower requirements to teach!!

“But recently, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, asserting it was raising standards, voted for a special teaching authorization that would lower credentials for some teachers.”

Incredible!! Teachers will no longer need a Bachelors Degree. Read it yourself as there is more.

First they demean the teachers and public education. Then they tell them what to teach, how to teach, how long to teach it; all this from noneducators. Then they try to attach their futures and their salaries to test scores, going as far as to publish the scores in the newspapers.

Now they lower the qualifications and training requirements to be a teacher.

Is LAUSD heading towards automated teaching?

LAUSD could save hundreds of millions of dollars each year by having one teacher per grade level in the district in elementary and one teacher per subject in secondary schools.

The teachers would greet the students via the computer and give them their assignments. The students would work independently and take a test at the end of the period. The tests would be automatically scored and recorded.

Just like the current situation there would be no time for remediation or review of skills, no time for enrichment and challenge, and every student would be tracked from Kindergarten.

What is the difference from today where every teacher on a elementary grade is teaching the same skill at the same time?

Computers replace robots.

What's next for teachers, California teachers, and LAUSD teachers?

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