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Incredible and edible: Celebrate National Egg Month

Eggs are a healthy, protein packed and nutritious food. Who would have thought they would contain only 70 calories? They do and are a good source of iron as well as packed with vitamins A, B, D and E.

Celebrate National Egg Month and cook up an egg right!

The simplicity of this small but giant food source has made its mark with food holiday history. The entire month of January is dedicated to eggs. This is the month to celebrate “National Egg Month”!

Eggs are a popular and versatile staple in many homes. People have been enjoying eggs since 1400 BC. When Christopher Columbus sailed the oceans blue he transported chickens to America from Asia. These chickens sole purpose was the production of eggs. Americans eat an average of 250 eggs yearly. The United States produces tem percent of the eggs in the world which total over 75 billion eggs.

Eggs by themselves can be cooked in many ways such as:

  • Hard boiled
  • Soft boiled
  • Fried
  • Over-easy
  • Sunny side up
  • Scrambled
  • Poached

Eggs are used in many recipes from omelets to breads and cakes to fried foods. The ways to cook with eggs seems endless.

Egg facts:

  • If an egg floats in water it is no longer safe to eat because the yolk has shrunk for bring around too long.
  • If an egg sinks in water it is safe to eat because the yolk is still heavy.
  • If you spin an egg and it wobbles it is a raw egg.
  • If you spin an egg and it spins easily it is a hard-boiled egg.
  • Eggs aid in the removal of toxins caused by alcohol. They help breakdown acetaldehyde which causes handovers with the high content of cysteine they contain.
  • Eggs absorb odors through their pores in their shells so always keep them covered.
  • Eggs remain fresher when kept near the back of the refrigerator rather than up front or on the door.
  • Always wash hands after handling raw eggs to prevent the risk of transfer of salmonella.

Egg trivia:

  • Around March 21 or when the vernal equinox occurs and the sun crosses the equator. This is when day and night are equal you can actually stand an egg up.
  • Eggs have 7 to 17,200 pores on their shells.
  • China produces roughly 160 billion eggs a year.
  • Depending upon the chicken’s diet, egg yolk colors can range from yellow to orange because of the pigments in the plants and feed they eat.
  • Eggs are eaten primarily from chicken and can also come from a goose, emu, ostrich, duck and a quail.
  • Various breeds of chickens can produce eggs in a variety of colors such as: white, blue, brown, blue-green, speckled and reddish brown.

How are you going to celebrate egg month? Will you be boiling or frying an egg? What about backing a cake or batch of cookies? Will you be breading meat, fish, eggplant or create a frittata with eggs?

Incredible and edible – the egg – celebrate “National Egg Month”!

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