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Increased psychotic symptoms associated with frequent school moves

Warwick Medical School and their researchers have been studying the long term mental effects of adolescence children who move from school to school frequently.

The research found that frequent moving from one school to the next ‘heightens the risk of developing psychotic-like symptoms by up to 60% and contributes to mental health, psychotic disorders and suicide problems in adulthood.’

For more information on this study: Frequent School Moves

School, teachers, peers, homework, hormones, and extra curricular activities all play a role in your child’s mental health. When children have to move frequently from school to school it puts a lot of extra pressure on the child.

Children worry about getting good grades, getting along with their peers, making teachers and parents happy, girl-boy relationships, peer pressure of taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes, bullying, homework assignments and chores at home.

Thousands of children are latchkey children meaning when they go home after school to an empty house, their parents are still at work, leaving their children to fend for their selves for hours alone.

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