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Increase your Valentine’s Day sales

Saint Valentine's Day, or Valentine's Day, is a leftover from the Feast of Saint Valentine, and is observed on February 14th of every year. The ritual behind the celebration involves Christian saints called “Valentinus.” As in most romantic stories rooted in romantic tragedy, St Valentine’s Day was originally associated with a martyred Saint Valentine who, according to legend, was imprisoned for marrying solders and providing other “illegal” ministry services, and was persecuted under the Roman Empire. St. Valentine is reputed for the healing of his jailer. According to legend, he wrote a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell, just before he was executed. Valentine’s Day was first associated with romance in the middle ages, and is the official feast day recognized by specific religions.

This Valentine’s Day increase your business’ revenue by helping your customers find exactly what they need; think out of the box of chocolates. Since most of the consumers shopping for Valentine’s Day will be men, ensure your business is prepared to cater to the unique wants and needs of wives, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and nieces. Here are some suggestions to spice up your Valentine’s Day sales:

Create displays that are diverse and speak to unique desires. For example, a display targeted to a woman who enjoys domestic life might include kitchen utensils, fixtures, frames and other home décor. On the other hand, a woman who enjoys the outdoors might prefer landscaping, gardening, camping or other outdoor life amenities. A woman who enjoys pampering might prefer fragrances, lingerie, spa treatment products, candles or a romantic dinner-read: gift certificate.

Craft pre shrink-wrapped gift baskets with romantic themes, such as wine and picnic baskets. The benefits of gift baskets are that they are a comprehensive purchase that eliminate the need to put together a thoughtful gift. Allow customers to choose what they want in a customized gift basket! You sell more items and get a satisfied (and relieved) customer.

Ensure your displays cater to women and children of all ages. For grandma, try hobby materials, such as knitting, crotchet supplies and small gardening tools. For younger women, try perfumes, body wash and lotion combos, for teenage daughters, think smart phones, e-readers, MP3 players, small laptops such as the new Macbook Air, and other “trendy” gifts. For pre-adolescent children try an Xbox or Nintendo unit with popular games, DVDs, MP3 players, and other gifts (note: be sure to purchase gifts that allow parental controls). For young children, toys, candy and the like usually do the trick.

Gift certificates may seem passé, but gift cards are an easy way to permit a second consumer to visit your store to purchase what she wants.Additionally, gift cards are perfect for the "man who has everything." Hint: be sure to place lovely Hallmark cards, floral arrangements, balloons, boxes of chocolates and other confections nearby gift card displays.

Offer contest entries, such as a lovely Valentine’s vacation or “staycation.” This is a terrific way to garnish personal information such as names, addresses, emails and other information to keep in touch with potential return customers.

Jewelers keep it fresh. Offer great deals, and be ready to up-sale by suggesting compliment pieces. Be prepared to offer quick, in-store sizing, cleaning and engraving.

Restaurants be prepared to take seating only by reservation if necessary, and offer a special Valentine’s Day menu.

Decorate with Valentine’s Day paraphernalia, such as pink and red balloons, flowers and cupids. Utilize a strategic music selection and other traditional Valentine’s Day décor. Holiday shopping is a great way to put your business’ best foot forward. Ensure you give every customer a reason to return with a coupon or other promotional offer.

You're not off the hook when it comes to providing gifts for men. While most shoppers will be men or women shopping for other women, you are certain to get a fair share of ladies shopping for their beaus, sons, fathers, grandfathers, and other male family members. Be prepared to offer some thoughtful, innovative gift ideas.

-Dawn Henderson, RolandWrite Copywriting Services,

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