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Increase your music-listening experience with Flips Audio

Picture this: It’s a warm, sunny Friday. You’re on the train, on your way to work or school, rocking out to your favorite artists on a shuffled playlist when a song you forgot existed randomly starts to play. Nostalgia hits and all you want to do now is listen to a few throwbacks from that era. You spend the whole afternoon at your desk reminiscing as you recall the time and place you first heard the songs sounding off in your headphones. Work's over, now it’s time to hang. You and a group of friends head down to the nearest park or beach to catch up on what went down during the week. Before you know it, the sun starts to set. The mood is lightened and the possibilities of the weekend’s activities are finally setting in. Somebody just said something that reminded you of a song lyric that was the theme of one of your best days. You whip out your phone and start playing it for everybody to hear. As you guys sing or dance along, another memorable night is made.

Flips: headphones turn into speakers

There’s something about music that just takes you to another place, no matter where you are. Now, how cool would it be to conveniently take that feeling with you everywhere you go?

Flips Audio offers that opportunity in a clever way with their hi-def and amp’d sound piece.

Flips are one-of-a-kind headphones that when flipped around, turn into amplified speakers. They come in black and white and with a hard shell case. They’re also sturdy, compact and produce a drastically different sound the creators have termed “solo to social”—that is, when the ear cups are reversed, the listening experience goes from self to crowd. The universal audio jack fits essentially into any device (phones, tablets, etc.), so you can literally take and use Flips anywhere. The battery life lasts up to three hours in social mode, but it only takes a USB charger to bring it back to life. And solo mode isn’t affected when the battery dies.

The 2-in-1 product is sold at Walmart, but you can also snag it online at for $120. For the ultimate on-the-go listening experience, I highly recommend it.

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