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Increase your muscle strength and endurance with supersets

Increase your muscle strength and endurance with supersets


So you’re at the gym and you’re on your third and final set of the bench press. As you lift the bar off the rack and you begin the set you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m going to get to 15 today!”

However your muscles disagree with you and give out at 11. Everyone misses their repetition goal on occasion, but what do you do if this is becoming a disappointing trend? Try using supersets to target the muscles that aren’t meeting your expectations.

A superset is basically doing one exercise right after the other without rest. Circuit training uses the same concept, but a lot of times in circuits the intensity level is decreased in order to complete the round of exercises. Supersets are more intense and also maintain a more concentrated focus. For example, your bench press results could be short of your expectations because the secondary muscles being used in your chest workout have been ignored. Triceps and Shoulders play an important role, especially if you’re focusing on completing sets with high repetitions. Try doing a dumbbell incline press, then a tricep pushdown right after. If you don’t have access to the gym try doing a set of pushups followed by tricep dips off a chair or even the couch.


The idea is to tax a certain muscle or area of muscles beyond what they’re accustom to and in different ways. Be creative when considering what exercises to superset together. Work the major muscle first then isolate the secondary muscles in the second exercise of the superset.

Add a couple supersets to your regiment for a few weeks, then try to get 15 reps on the bench press again. Even if you only get one more rep than last time, it’s still a great step in the right direction.